Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water

Art Pope is miffed. He threw his considerable wealth behind Little Marco, expecting to buy the election, as usual. But Donald Trump continues to rise, a toxic gift that keeps on giving. So what's Pope's plan? It looks like he plans to start a new civil war.

“The possibility of an open convention and the consequences are historic. I have not given up on the Republican Party; that’s why I’m considering going as an uncommitted delegate, to see what I can do to help work things out.” -- Art Pope, North Carolina GOP Mega-donor

When you play the Puppetmaster, there's always a risk you'll be strangled by your own strings.



You own this, Art

Bret Stephens, a conservative columnist for the Wall Street Journal summed it up best:

“Liberals may have been fond of claiming that Republicans were all closet bigots and that tax cuts were a form of racial prejudice, but the accusation rang hollow because the evidence for it was so tendentious. Not anymore. The candidacy of Donald Trump is the open sewer of American conservatism…It would be terrible to think that the left was right about the right all these years.”

Yes, it would be terrible to think that liberals would be right about something as basic as what your party stands for.

But, it's staring you right in the face.

Take a look in the mirror, Arthur - take a long, cold look at yourself.

The money you spent on races and the whole political machine you put in place gave us decades of anyone liberal being labeled a "communist".

You gave us eight years of GOP politicians neglecting their basic Constitutional responsibilities of governing, spending their time shutting down every aspect of government to prove that it doesn't work.

You gave us eight years of hate-speech, questioning the citizenship of a Black President and his right to hold office, all because of the color of his skin.

You gave us stereotypes of lazy Black welfare queens living off the government dole, while the policies you advocated resulted in an epidemic of poverty and drug use in white rural communities.

You gave us a legislature that has used a "nuclear option" to take away the basic right of minorities, senior citizens, and college students to vote in open and free elections in North Carolina under the ruse of "protecting" the integrity of the ballot box.

You've given us politicians that spend all their time slut-shaming women and closing down women's health clinics where women have a Constitutional right to abortion.

You've given us politicians that shame gays and lesbians for wanting a basic Constitutional right to practice their beliefs and marry, painting a whole class of North Carolina citizens as "perverted".

You have given us politicians that have painted minorities - Blacks, Hispanics, those of the Muslim faith - as threats.

None of us should be surprised by Trump.

Every idiotic statement that comes out of Trump's mouth has been whispered in back rooms, giggled at over golf, and tittered at over lunch by you and the people in the GOP machines.

You own, Trump, Arthur. Every bit of vitriolic nonsense coming out of Trump's mouth. Every last bit of it.

You've made your bed full of raw sewage. Now you get to lie in it.

Even a hard-core bigot like George Wallace could change.

You and your cronies in the GOP? I'm not so sure.

In the end, what you fail to see is that Trump _is_ you.