This just in: McHorny supports dying horses in Horse Races

Thanks to an alert from "Paulunteer", apparently our "favorite" Congressional rep Patrick McHenry has come out saying that he supports Ron Paul- well, kinda. "but the gist of it was that Ron Paul stands for what Republicans SHOULD stand for. He noted that many Republicans feel that the RP movement is an invasion by libertarians, but that they are incorrect, and that we are helping to bring the party back to where it ought to be."

Long story short? If Patrick McHenry went to Vegas, every single cardshark and dealer there would be able to retire in Hollywood with cash to spare.

Hey, this is not saying we "bet" on candidates: we support them for their beliefs. But what in the HELL is McHorny doing, other than polarizing himself? This is a phenomenal advancement for people like Daniel Johnson and, more recently/pertinent for March, Lance Sigmon. They don't even need to support a candidate: a man like Ron Paul is a problem enough to show how dimwitted McHenry is. Ron Paul is a failure of a Republican- he's basically a hyped up Libertarian, which means he's basically the bane of all sane people on this planet minus possibly the Klu Klux Klan (though I hesitate to say something like that because it's obviously rather cruel. The Klu Klux Klan has more respectability than Ron Paul.)

In any case, this will be fun. If I was a campaign manager for ANY of those running against McHenry, I'd just say to let McHenry say stuff like this and not even challenge it. Sometimes, when someone is saying something really stupid, it's even stupider to stop them.


Patty Sucking up to Paulites?

Considering we don’t have a single endorsement from Congress, I wanted to share this with the board. Looks like we have a friend in Patrick McHenry!* Fool Paulite

Naw! Congressman Patty is simply playing the political whore game thinking his district is loaded with Paulites....He is no friend, but a neo-con republican wolf in a closet who will gobble you up in a Gay Biker sec......