Judicial Race Loses a Challenger

Now that Easley has made Timmons-Goodson the first Black woman on the North Carolina Supreme Court, the challenge will be to keep her seat. She made a big step in that direction today as her top challenger dropped out since he did not want to be the one to knock the first Black woman off of the court. From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Reingold, Forsyth's chief District Court judge, had said in September that he would run for the seat held by Justice George L. Wainwright Jr., whom he expects to retire. But last week, he said that the field competing for Wainwright's seat had become crowded and that he would instead challenge Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson.

Challenging Timmons-Goodson would have been his best chance to win a seat, Reingold said. But ultimately, he said that decided that he didn't want to run against the first black woman to sit on the state Supreme Court.

"Young African-American children can look up to (Timmons-Goodson) and say, 'I can do this, too,'" Reingold said. "If I had run the race and been successful, I would not have felt good about it. That's why I'm not running this race."


Holy Crap.

That's a really good reason. I mean, it's not a great reason, but it's a really good one. And that Reingold would put it ahead of status-seeking is heartening.


Whether it's true or not, it's still amazing and a great example.


I wouldn't be surprised.