John Lassiter Hide and Seek

John Lassiter is still avoiding cameras which causes a problem for residents of Charlotte who don't have the time, transportation or desire to grab a map of Charlotte and head out to a candidate forum. We heard last week that Lassiter had cancelled his appearance at the televised WTVI/League of Women Voter's candidate debate.

The Charlotte Observer editorial board thought it was a sign of John flexing his muscle, but to many of the rest of us it simply looked like he was scared for the people of Charlotte to see there actually are differences between him and Anthony Foxx. Personally, I think he may be a little too scared that folks will see he is actually too much like Pat McCrory and there is some major McCrory fatigue going around Charlotte.

So, what is Lassiter up to now? We'll check in with our intrepid Foxxblogger

On a damp predawn yesterday, Anthony arrived at the Fox Charlotte studios to appear on Fox News Rising for the fourth time this campaign.

A rundown of the previous three:

-- A pre-primary show to which all four candidates, Anthony and the three Republicans, were invited. Anthony showed. Martin Davis showed (of course). Jack Stratton showed. John Lassiter did not show.

-- Two post-primary shows to which Anthony and Lassiter were invited. Anthony showed. Lassiter did not.

-- Finally, Tuesday's show. Lassiter, praise be, showed up. On tape. The station had pre-recorded his responses to be aired within moments of a live interview with Anthony. The live interview -- in person, with the actual candidate! -- proceeded apace, as did Lassiter's "responses," which were taped God-knows-when.

This follows up last week's silliness, when Lassiter bowed out of a WTVI/WSOC/League of Women Voters debate because he objected to the number of allowed rebuttals.

As I said last week, Lassiter might have offered a good reason for missing the debate and few would have had a thing to say about it. Instead, in true diva style he whined about having to face challenges to his claims through rebuttals. He complained about the debate setup without once attending or sending a representative to meet with the debate committee.

If Lassiter had actually planned to participate in the debate he would have made an honest effort to attend the meetings to hash out the debate details. He not only failed to make an honest effort, he failed to make any effort whatsoever.

Flexing his muscle my fat fanny. Lassiter is playing games and it is the voters who will lose.



Lassiter may be a nice guy

but Charlotte doesn't need another McCrory.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for your good coverage of Charlotte

Lassiter sounds like he's unhinged. Does he have an Amway scheme going to, ahem, get out the votes? Is BOA behind him? Heck, they could use taxpayer TARP dollars to buy all the votes he needs.

Where's Art Pope when we need to spread the money love?

BOA is probably backing Foxx and Lassiter

They are pretty good about backing viable candidates from both parties and they are smart enough to hedge their bets.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.