John Edwards Unfiltered: Webisode Videos and Chapel Hill Edwards Rally!

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I've come to the personal conclusion that I actually want the country to see who I am, who I really am. But I don't know what the result of that will be. But for me personally, I'd rather be successful or unsuccessful based on who I really am, not based on some plastic Ken doll that you put up in front of audiences."

"That's Senator John Edwards on a trip to Iowa in 'Plane Truths, the first of a webisode series of behind the scenes with John Edwards." Edwards is breaking new ground with his netroots outreach through podcasts, videos, blogger meet and greets and the One America Committee blog. Move over Dean! ;) I expect netrooers will become more empowered than ever before, during this presidential election.'s up to all of us to take it to a new level and utilize all of the tools at our disposal.

To watch the second in the webisode series, The Golden Truth, click here.

Youtube is a particularly valuable tool, as we have all seen, particularly in the case of the WNCNN videos. Videos are not just for netrooters, but more and more candidates are uploading on youtube.

Here's what Newsweek had to say about the recent John Edwards webisode videos:

John Edwards Untucked


The documentaries—which show the former senator on trips to Iowa and Africa, and places in between—are a start. In one installment, Edwards mocks a memo prepared by staffers reminding him to praise the value of public education when speaking to a group of public-school teachers. "I pay a lot of money for people who have the expertise to tell me that."

The Webisodes are the brainchild of Rielle Hunter, a filmmaker who met Edwards at a New York bar where Edwards was having a business meeting. "I didn't think it was John Edwards," Hunter recalls, "because the public persona did not mesh at all with the person who was sitting in front of me." Hunter pitched Edwards on the documentaries as a medium for bringing the "real John Edwards" to the people."

The Edwards 08 Train by NCDem
There will be a rally with JOHN EDWARDS in Chapel Hill on December 30th!

Date & Time
Saturday, December 30th, 4 pm

Market Street, Southern Village,
Chapel Hill NC


SENATOR JOHN EDWARDS and the Del McCoury Band are coming to Chapel Hill on Saturday, December 30th at 4pm.


The event will be held at The Green at Southern Village, Market St. Chapel Hill, NC. DIRECTIONS

This event is one you all will not want to miss! The event is open to the public so please tell all of your friends.

Volunteers are needed for the days leading up the event, the night before the event, and the day of the event. If you are able to volunteer, please email: amy-cityspace @


look for me

Ill be there I think. Ill be wearing my limited edition "Kissell for Congress" shirt.

"Keep the Faith"


BlueSouth, will you email me? amy-cityspace @ nc. rr. com



According to press reports, Edwards is expected to announce down in the Ninth Ward but as far as know, One America hasn't put out any details on that event.

Keep checking back and check the One America Website for details.

My husband and I are going to be there, too

In Chapel Hill, not New Orleans! Would love to bump into other Blue NCer's. I'll be the short loudmouthed one.

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Will any BlueNCers who plan to be there email me? We are going to try to get all BlueNC bloggers together at the event!

I'd like to have BlueNC buttons for everyone too, although I'm not sure if I can get them in time. Does BlueNC have a Cafepress store?

I want one

like the "Art Pope paid me to wear this" except I dont want the devil's name on my clothing.

"Keep the Faith"

My hubby is hard to miss

Six feet tall with a long grey pony tail. He's very politically minded, however, he rightfully claimed this summer that he had to take a giant step to the right to join me in the Democratic Party.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi


Mine's 5'10" with a long black-but-mostly-grey ponytail (unless he's wearing it down), while I'm 5'2" with short (short!) mousy-brown hair.

I can't wait!!

I'm going to keep my eye on the C-SPAN schedule, too - I can't think that they'd let an announcement like this slip by without comment... :)

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I'll be there.

With family in tow. But I can't plan what I'm wearing that far in advance.

If the flu doesn't take us down....

I am going to make it to this one! Where will we all meet?

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it's on the Green, which the the space across from the Lumina, right? So, how about outside the pizza joint on the corner, around 345?

Any other suggestions?

Ok so....

I probably wont be wearing my Kissell shirt, since I will be helping keep things running smoothly in some form or fashion of another.

After all the time I have spent the last few days getting tickets out to people I expect every one of you there. If you need info let me know.

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