Jim Black Back to Questionable Behavior

Yesterday, Jim Black came out with a muted apology. Nothing specific that he did wrong, just "mistakes" (from Winston-Salem Journal):

"I have made some mistakes in judgment, and if I could do some things again, would do them differently," Black told reporters.

But in the same paper, it is revealed that Black spent money on criminal defense attorneys from his campaign fund. Again from the W-S Journal:

Critics of House Speaker Jim Black began raising new questions yesterday about payments that the speaker's campaign made in June to a law firm in Winston-Salem.

In addition to payments to the law firm that represents Black, Black's campaign reported that it made two payments of $5,000 each to the law firm of White and Crumpler, one June 16 and another June 27.

Those payments came before federal prosecutors issued a sub-poena for records to Black's office in October.

So, even after these "mistakes", Black is paying for his personal legal fees from campaign funds on top of the State funds that I posted about earlier. There is no reason that Democratic donors or taxpayers should be paying for his personal legal problems. Black I think has developed a sense of entitlement in other people's money. That is why Jim Black must go.