JibJab's Latest Efforts

With everyone jumping all over themselves about the new Jib-Jab video on Bush, I figured that I would post a link.  Check out the Bush video, it is funny but tends to make him too much of an innocent party to circumstances for my liking.  I would say that "Big Box Mart" on the same page is a much better effort.  The movie is basically a short diatribe against Wal-Mart and very well done.  It includes a great line (transcribed from memory, so may be a little off):

I used to be a customer now I am an employee.



Totally agree

I had the exact same reaction when I saw this yesterday. Bush looks like the smiling doofus moron that he is, floating through the chaos around him without any awareness that he's personally responsible for so much of the devastation. For the record, I don't give Dear Leader one ounce of credit for doing anything important that is good or just. He is either a totally incompetent fool or an evil sociopath . . . because nothing else could explain the absurdity of his despotic reign.