Jennifer Roberts to run in NC-09

In a sign that Charlotte-area Dems must smell blood in the water, former Mecklenburg County Commission chairwoman Jennifer Roberts announced she's running for the 9th congressional district.

Calling this a huge, huge get would be an understatement. The Democrats haven't put up a reasonably well-funded candidate here since 1986, back before most of Charlotte's blacks got drawn into the 12th. While the 9th is still undeniably Republican-leaning, Charlotte is turning bluer by the minute.

Only bad thing is that Charlotte-area Dems are going to be stretched pretty thin, between this race and Larry Kissell in the fight of his political life in NC-08.



tough fight for the 9th

Roberts has a huge uphill fight to win my district. McCain won the newly constructed district by 20,000 votes and Myrick would have won with 73% of the vote as opposed to the 68% she won in the old district. The last time the 9th was competitive was in 1984 and that was before the 12th district took away much of Charlotte from the district.

I would love for her to win and I plan on voting for her but I just don't see it happening.