I've been slimed

Obsession -- and NOT the one from Calvin Klein -- arrived in my mailbox today. Is it safe to apply bleach to mailboxes?

My husband and I figured we'd dodged a bullet since we're not N&O subscribers, but alas, 'twas not so. We're just late to the party, that's all. Our copies, for we each got one, addressed with our full names and everything, landed in today's mail. The use of our full names suggests that Clarion got the voter registration rolls or something, because I almost never put my middle name on anything. Amusingly, though, the address label wasn't big enough for my real, legal, hyphenated last name, so it's truncated a few letters short. Damn me and my feminist not-dropping-my-maiden name self!

I don't even know where to start. Yeah, we're probably just going to toss 'em, or as was suggested elsewhere, start a cycle of mailing 'em back to ourselves after breaking 'em. I just feel slimed, I guess. How do other folks who've gotten this piece of hate in the mail feel about it?

Even though I've had a shower today, I feel like I need another one. :/


I think they sent them out

I think they sent them out to registered democrats. my wife got one as well.


I got it as well

Both in the Charlotte Disturber and in the mail. I actually was thinking of requesting 50-100 or so, just so I can scratch and send em' back and request 50-100 more (lather, rinse, repeat). Not because I want to watch that rubbish, I would consider that keeping 100-200 of those hate inspiring propaganda disks out of the hands of gullible people.

Call it my civic duty.


I like the way you think. :)


So going by this thread, they've been sent to registered Dems, Repubs, and Unaffiliateds. I'm a little surprised your uncle got one, though; I would've thought they'd count registered Repubs as "in the bag" and not in need of propaganda to scare them into voting for McCain...


there must be something they are looking for, some subscription or something that htey think makes you likely to watch it.

"The striking difference between me and my opponent is that I live in North Carolina and my husband can vote for me."
- Sen. Kay Hagan

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

*scratches head*

some subscription or something that htey think makes you likely to watch it.

I'm trying to figure out what it could be. My husband's grandmother used to subscribe to a bunch of seriously loonytunes right-wing Aryan nation-type stuff, and she'd send us Lyndon LaRouche videos and whatnot, but I don't *think* she put our names on any mailing lists (I hope) -- and at any rate, she, like so many of our older family members, refused to recognize my hyphenated last name, so if this was her doing, I'd be getting stuff addressed to "Mrs. Husband Firstname Lastname."


They had a ton of these things manufactured, so they're probably trying to get them all distributed before it's too late. And I'm beginning to think the same guy who funds Freedom's Watch and the Israeli propaganda newspaper (Sheldon Adelson) is the guy behind the Clarion Fund also.

McCain gives up on Michigan, and all of a sudden Freedom's Watch starts robo-calling/mailing, and another batch of these DVDs goes out in the mail...

And there's another one ready to distribute

Clarion's apparently got another DVD ready to go, too, just in time to be a late-October spoiler. I don't want to give them any publicity; do a Google search for "The Third Jihad."

Yeah, it's the same type of crap

with a new batch of fringe "experts" revealing the stunning truth that "suicide bombers mean business". No shit, Sherlock.

You don't believe it?

They tell you that your religion is based around violence and killing and you don't believe it? Wow, that's just unAmerican of you.

"The striking difference between me and my opponent is that I live in North Carolina and my husband can vote for me."
- Sen. Kay Hagan

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I know you think i would get

I know you think i would get with that program :) I am Scottish as well so i suppose that is unamerican as well :)


You're falling down on the job here. ;)

I still love the idea of remailing them.

scratching them up so they can't be played should they fall into gullible hands. My mom got one - every one at her assisted living place did. They all wanted to know how to play it - could they use the DVD player in the common room? I told the activities director what it was, and he gathered them all up, told the residents that they had been sent by mistake, and put them in the garbage crusher.

He is studying to be a Christian minister. He said

I don't know much about Islam, but I know enough not to learn about it from Clarion.

I guess they've got a reputation.

I got mine and watched it

so I could take some notes. For propaganda purposes, it was very well put-together. As an analytical vehicle, it is useless. No commentary about anti-terrorism steps that have been taken, what steps should be taken--nothing.

Just an endless stream of images and video of Muslim extremists, interspersed with commentary about how naive we are and how we need to "wake up". Wake up and do what? If they have any answers to that, they're keeping them to themselves, so we will lean on the tough guy (McCain) to solve it for us.

And the irony of this comment about Islamic propaganda's goal:

"If you want to get people to fight, you have to make them think that there is a threat and that they are in danger."

in a propaganda DVD warning about a threat made me spit coffee on the remote, which I had to carefully clean off before I could rewind and hear it again, which made me spit coffee again...yes, history does repeat itself. ;/

Watching the trailer

was enough for me.

And obviously we're supposed to "wake up" and vote for McCain.

Clarion Targeting Unaffiliated Voters?

My partner received the DVD addressed to her yesterday. I did not. She's an independent. I'm a registered Dem.

Proud Educated Elitist With a Poison Pen

Proud Educated Elitist With a Poison Pen


My husband got one, and he's a registered Dem.