It's time to address the issue of the State Bar disciplinary tactics and it's Good Ole boy network.

I am asking anyone who has had a problem with filing a grievance with the State Bar and who has proven beyound a reasonable doubt that a lawyer has indeed failed to act in an ethical manner to contact me.

I have spoken to some and now would like to form a group that can act together to show force and right the wrong that has been the norm for too many years. When will the State Bar realize that it will not be tolerated any longer.

They bring disciplinary action when forced to do so against one of their own because the newspapers have it on the front page. Investigate a bit and see why they finally held Nifong responsible for his actions. I am not speaking about headline news but the wrongs that have been dealt to an average citizen looking for justice in the State of North Carolina. Unless you have the money of Bill Gates and are friends with the President of our country, chances are your grievance will be dismissed. It's time we band together and take this matter to newspapers and television stations here and wherever we can find to help us. Anyone having information concerning their grievance or can give information to a group we will set up is asked to contact me at the following E-mail. Thank you and I look foreword to hearing from you........... AggravatedFred