It's not okay: NC's rape culture perseveres

But he's such a nice young man:

McGill, a senior at Ahop Christian Leadership Academy in Chapel Hill, was initially charged with first-degree statutory rape and statutory sex offense with a child in connection with incidents alleged to have occurred in November with a 12-year-old girl.

Following his arrest, two more girls came forward to investigators to report similar incidents involving McGill. According to the latest arrest warrants, the alleged crimes occurred in September 2019 and last November.

At the risk of turning this conversation into a debate about private school vouchers, just let me say this: When you have a K-12 school, a 12 year-old girl coming into contact with a high school (quarterback) is a daily occurrence. The fact it's a "Christian" school does not make it safer for young girls to be in that situation, and this nonsense should not even be uttered:

"In this system of justice, he’s presumed innocent. We ask that people withhold judgment until all the facts come out," defense attorney David Coolidge said. Coolidge asked that McGill's bond be lowered, saying the family can't even afford the $1 million bond from his January arrest. But District Judge Debra Sasser denied the request.

"Obviously, he’s devastated. He’s very upset," Coolidge said. "He’s a very loving teenager. He has a wonderful family, and they love and care about him very much. He feels very remorseful to his family that they’ve gone through this."

Pardon my linguini, but fuck his family. What about the girls, and their families? Any remorse for them? And as far as him being a "loving teenager," I don't want to hear that crap either. He's a predator, and likely a sociopath, who has no concept of what "love" means in the context of normal social interactions.

While we're on the topic about Christian schools not protecting students:

They’re all asking more questions about the school's chief financial officer, Tammy Moran, as well as what the private school knew and when. The young men - being referred to as John Doe #1 and #2 - allege Moran sexually abused them in her home, where they were staying while students at Cape Fear Christian Academy.

"What happened is bad enough alone," said Cowan, of Durham, in a Zoom interview with WRAL News. "But then to have that violation of that trust by someone you expect to take care of your children and that doesn't happen, makes it particularly egregious."

"That's one of the big questions that the the parents don't understand is how this woman was put in this position of trust such that she could violate it like this and what the school knew and what did they do about it," Cowan said.

On Wednesday, WRAL News reached out to the Cape Fear Christian Academy asking those same questions as well as if Moran was fired and if so, when. School leaders did not reply by 10 p.m.

It's a private school, a religious school, and they are usually a lot more concerned about how "faithful" employees are (or act) than they are checking backgrounds or monitoring activities.



Undeserved Trust

That's actually the name of a novel I wrote back in the early 2000's, which centered on the disappearance of a teenage girl who had been repeatedly raped by her stepfather, an upstanding member of society.

You haven't seen or read it, because the publishing company I used was mainly focused on selling me those books, a cautionary tale that you should remember if you're a budding writer.