It's hard out here for pimp . . .

It's hard out here for a pimp, unless you happen to be part of the NCGOP, in which case pimping comes as naturally as, ummmm, lying and scamming? Go get the story directly if you have the stomach for it.

Just think, for only $150 you can get three (count 'em) three real books signed by America's most embarrassing senators! First is Liddy Dole, the con-lady who tried to extort money from Southern Dem. Then there's Bob "Viagra" Dole, pimpmeister for the foreign takeover of US ports. And last and very least, good old Jesse Helms. He almost seems like a decent guy when you compare him to the crooks running the Senate these days.


I followed the link and was speechless....

I couldn't post...every time I came to leave a comment I had this nauseating vision of Bob Dole in a fur coat, boots and a jaunty hat....with loads of jewelry.....and if the vision of the pimp wasn't bad enough...the vision of his Ho was toooo much. I won't take you was dark, very dark.

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