Its Chow Time-Obama Needs to End Don't Ask Don't Tell (w/video from The Daily Show)

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates made a pathetic excuse about why Obama hasn't followed through on his promise to end Don't Ask Don't Tell-

The president and I feel like we've got a lot on our plates right now, and uh lets push that one [reffering to dont ask dont tell] down the road a little bit.

Jon Stewart, one of my heroes, had a very simple message for Obama about this on The Daily Show this week:

All that stuff you've been putting on your plate? It's F***ing chow time, brother.

Amen to that.  While I support the president in many things that he does, he needs to get some things done.  Huge victories like health care for every american and adequate climate change legislation might be a long way off, but I had expected Obama to deliver on at least Don't Ask Don't tell by now.  Its not complicated-homophobic laws that prevent openly gay americans from serving in the military is wrong, and impractical. This bit from Jon Stewart is really awesome, and I agree totally.  Its chow time, Obama.  Knock some of those things off your plate, and end Don't Ask Don't Tell.  Please watch this:

Perhaps the National Equality march will help bring this to attention?  I hope so.


It's definately not complicated at all.

The only upside to the policy is that it might keep gays and lesbians out of the military - and the less people in the military (for whatever reason), the better IMO.

Seriously though, it's a ridiculous yet fairly simple policy and I really can't see how over half a year isn't enough time to change it.

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