It's business as usual at Art Pope's Rose's stores

[Previously posted in the comments; additional info added.]

We haven't heard anything about Art Pope for awhile, so I checked the Rose's stores website to see how the pandemic is impacting Pope's main business - there's no mention of it.

Checking their Facebook page, we find that they're open to provide your "essential needs", which apparently includes Easter fashions. (Seriously - there's a bunch of posts about clothes; they're obsessed with clothes.)

Checking the comments, it looks like some people are noticing that the store's aren't doing anything to protect employees and customers:

I was in roses today and it was crowded and I was concerned for the employees safety because some customers weren’t practicing social distancing. I think y’all should do what Walmart And Target are doing

Why aren't the employees being given safe measures n supplies. No shields, no masks no gloves. Public restrooms open to anyone. One of the workers at store 458 brought sanitizer n gloves from home for coworkers. No buggy wipedowns. No extra store cleaning. People everywhere

If you see a Rose's store violating the Governor's orders on retail establishments, contact local law enforcement, per the state's FAQ for businesses. And talk to the local press while you're at it.

By the way, Art Pope took time away from his discount store and real estate empire to explain on a podcast why he thinks political donations should have no limits. If you need reminding, here's a 2011 article explaining how Pope spent millions buying GOP control of the NC legislature.




It’s always worth noting that 95% of stuff in Roses is imported from China.

It's also worth noting ....

... that Rose's focuses on poor minority neighborhoods and older residents in rural areas that are much more at-risk for serious problems with Covid-19. If the reports I'm seeing about the stores ignoring basic guidelines are indeed widespread, Pope is simply killing off people to make a buck in a crisis.