It's a Big Blogging World

It's been a several days since I left the comfy confines of our little community here in search of fresh opinions from bloggers outside our little circle. Before I introduce the new (to me) bloggers I've found out on the web, let me give you African American Political Pundit's new web address. He deleted his old site after transferring his archives. His new home is here.

Through AAPPundit I found Anderson@Large. Faye Anderson is a citizen journalist and freelance writer with considerable credits. Her background bio can be found here. She has mastered the art of saying a lot in a small amount of space. I need to study her technique. :) I didn't get to spend more than ten minutes on her site, but I will visit often. She is an active writer. My favortie post on her front page is titled, "Race Matters". She starts:

The recently released American Community Survey Report shows that black folks are moving on up. African Americans are closing the racial gap in educational attainment, household income and homeownership.

Still, race matters.

Far too many people think that laws prohibiting discrimination are all we need to address discrimination. Probably everybody here at BlueNC knows that isn't the case. Great links in this piece. Give Faye a visit. I guarantee you'll learn something.

For those of us who still feel a good deal of loathing for all things Newt Gingrich, The Field Negro has this gem up from Saturday.

Let's get this out of the way right now; everyone has skeletons in their closet. Hey, it's the American way. After all, how can you seriously "pursue happiness" if there ain't a few skeletons here and there? So unless you are Amish, up for saint hood, or you were born in a manger in a town called Bethlehem, I am guessing you have done some sh** in your life that you are not very proud of.

Which brings me to my friends in the rethuglican party. I think I could tolerate these guys a little more if they weren't such hypocrites. All that preaching about moral virtues and finger pointing at the unholy secular progressives as well as the rest of us heathens, tends to get really old with me, especially if you have some skeletons dancing in your closet your damn self. Take Newt Gingrich for example, the man who led the rethuglican charge to impeach the first black President while all the time getting his freak on with his own little mistress on the side. Now now Newt, that's not nice, pointing your finger at Bill's little indiscretion, and doing who knows what while tucked safely away in your closet. Oh if those closet walls could talk huh Newt.

Please follow the above link. This post is worth it. If you're like me, you will read the entire front page and have a hard time staying away from archives. I have too much to do today, but this site is worth adding to your list of must-reads.

The final visit for today (Yes, I spent too much time playing and reading at other blogs) was to This is a group blog and the name doesn't quite say it all. The writers of the site are professors and I believe are all African American. What the name doesn't tell you is they are all lawyers. Now, if you're like me, that lawyer thing can send you running but this blog is worth a visit. There are several different regular contributors as well as guest writers.

I didn't get to sample a post from each writer, because time is at a premium today, but the front page includes Cherokee Expel Black Cherokee, On Barack: An Open Letter and Kicking Joe out of the Party. In "Kicking Joe Out", Terry Smith has this to say:

Yes, Democrats would lose their majority in the Senate if Lieberman leaves, but here again is the reality: the current Democratic majority in the Senate is too narrow to accomplish much, and anything it does accomplish is likely to be vetoed by a lame-duck but ideologically stubborn President Bush.

When southern Dixicrats like Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama left the Democratic Party to become a Republican in the 1990s, he was merely moving to the party that best fit his voting behavior. For Lieberman, the war in Iraq is a litmus test of his own making. The Party should call his bluff.

Amen. I couldn't have said it better myself. Actually, I haven't said it better myself.

One of the things I've discovered is there simply aren't enough hours in the day to read all of the really good blogs that are being published. I'm trying to check back in on all those I've highlighted at least once a week. Give the above blogs a visit and tell me what you think.


Thanks again for doing the sleuthing

This is great stuff and definitely broadens my horizons. I've bookmarked and will dig in when the dust settles from my crazy-hell week.


Ooooo hang in there

I know it's a busy time for most of us. Grants, real jobs, vacations, etc. Trust me - you'll get hooked, so don't follow the links until you have time. I don't want to be blamed for your work not getting finished. :)

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