Is it Legal for me to Rant and Rave/

Can I rant ,Rave,Cry and just whatever? Can I ramble? I am mad to say the least! You ever see 3 wet hens try to fight a hornet? I had tickets to go to the Shuler Bash tonight and one thing led to another, the contractors showed up to redo the floor so I am minus my shower so I am generally pissed!

Like the song says, Where have all the good men gone? Off to a damn war I guess and after watching CNN & FOX both tonight I think my mind has changed. Lets eaither put our troops in Afghanstain or bring them home now! The Iraqis don’t seem to understand crap other than to condem the US & Israel.And if peckerhead George Bush had any balls he would do something! I don’t buy into the lone guneman theroy one bit ( SO shoot me for watching the X-Files) ,The zegruder film proves 3 shots.

And what about Ruby, They made sure he got cancer real quick and that James Earl didnt get to testify before he died. I guess Gunny Hathcock is our only hope.

I have had it with this whole lyeing, Chickens_ _t administration of phones, draft dodgers,AWOL’s and downright liars. Anglico, Please forgive me but it has to come out! Hey reckon the CIA would recruit us?

Nixon, I will have to clean my mouth out now did one thing right in Nam, Ordered Operation Linebacker ,the all out bombing of the north. Well ,why cant we pull our troops back and do the same thing in Iraq & Afghanistan? I mean we have forgotten all about Bin Laden and I get reports form a friend there in the Army every other night. According to him Osama Bin Forgotten!

People ,It is time to wake each and every Congressman & Senator up and let them know beyond any doubt WE are who they work for! We arnt on their time, they are on ours! And it’s damn time they learned it. I really cant believe what I see, they burn our flag and Israel’s flag like nothing else matters. Anglico ,back me up here. If these damn stupid dumb,ignorant,spaced out people want to burn our flag then I feel thea Anglico and I should get to do the riggin, put shoots on them and up around 8-900ft push their but out the door!

But I would have to admit and take sides with Anglico & Robert now and you all know how hard core army I am. It is time to get out while we can! Soon it will be too late and it will be Sigaon 75 all over again. And yes I am stilled pi_ _ ed cause I don’t get to go to asheville tonight and meet Screwy! Bumber!

And Chuckie Taylor, I sincerely hope you & Debroah potter read this as you are both alike, Lower than whaleshit & that is on the bottom of the ocean. That is right mr. Dumbass , Bragger of a sorry excuse of a congressman! I finally did it, found the records where money had been mispent at Asheville VA & employees had been busted for forgeing scripts! Now stick that cud in yer mouth and chew on it a while!

And he even tried to charge us for a flag for the Murphy Armory while the guard was gone to Desert Strom & State Militia was in charge! But folks, the lowest ,most disrepcfull thing Taylor could have done as far as I am concerned and it is at his website. While 58,449 of his brothers & Sisters gave their lives in a hot,humid,sticky,bug & snake infested land during the 60's & 70's. He took all his little college deferments and went to school! Is this man a coward or is he a coward? Course Absent without Leave George W isnt any better and we need to get Dick Cheney a mental exam.

Condi Rice would been better off to take Jimmy Carter with her. At least he knows the scoop over there. Rumsfield is the only legit vet in the whole kitten koobottle! At least he is that forcomming with us. From what I saw in Graham county last weeneng it is a thousand wonderds someone didnt swlap Taylow him up side da head Well ,we have to get thru 06 and then 08. It is not going to be a easy job to do. I plan to start possible working towards writeing a book this year. Roughly, when we go to VA we get a check for $16 for travel. At todays prices that don’t buy much
OK,I am thru rambling....Dan


You'll have to ask the lawyers

if it's legal, but it sure is good for the soul sometimes. Rant on, brother.