Iraq & Iran Initiatives--"THE PLAN"

On January 29, 2007, a group of concerned North Carolinians met in Washington with our NC congressional members to discuss the war in Iraq and the possible escalation into Iran. This effort was organized by United for Peace and Justice (, a national organization.

The most alarming theme in these conversations was the confession from our representatives that they often feel essentially irrelevant in decisions about how and where our government imposes military intervention in other countries--Iraq in particular. Expressed fear regarding the threat of impending intervention in Iran was disconcerting.

Our representatives need our help! They asked us to urge people in North Carolina to get involved and express their views. Many of us may feel as powerless as our representatives admit feeling at times, with alarming changes in the process of government becoming commonplace. Yet the opportunity to build on the results of the November elections and our unique circumstances in North Carolina provide a positive foundation for effectiveness. Three initiatives will help ensure success:

1) Establish an information and communication network.
2) Make the process easy to fit into our lives.
3) Invite others to participate so that our messages to representatives will have the powerful impact of coordinated themes and significant numbers.

What can you do?

1) Identify your House member byzip code using

2) Consult Iraq & Iran Initiatives on for tips on preparing your specific action such as e-mails, faxes, letters, or phone calls.

3) Contact others who will check the website and get involved.

4) Check the website twice a week to see what action is requested and the target days for responses--notify those who can not check regularly.

5) Check the website to learn whether your representative has announced support for a resolution prior to the vote, and tailor your message as a thank you or as encouragement for support.

6) Time your communications to arrive a day or two before the vote for best impact.

Proposed legislation supported by the UFPJ Board of Directors will be ourlined. Specific provisions of each resolution will be listed with commentary. Emphasis is on resolutions that have potential for widespread support and are designed to move the US toward cessation of military intervention and provide a framework for recovery in Iraq. Please see their site, to review their history and accomplishments.

Use to learn about resolutions and encourage your legislators. Share your messages if you are inclined----we can learn from each other. Become a part of the community of North Carolinians dedicated to making our voices heard regarding this ill-conceived conflict. Grow the community---involve others. Together we can make a difference.


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