Iraq and Iran Initiatives

In the months prior to the invasion of Iraq, I inquired of a German friend his thoughts on the matter. His unequivocal negative response included the terms “power vacuum” and “civil war” — a stark contrast to my (and most American’s) ignorance of the region’s history and culture.

We have since come to know that unreliable and discredited sources provided faulty intelligence to the administration, while US intelligence agents, diplomats, and Middle East experts who opposed the military intervention were ignored or suffered reprisals. The invasion was carried out without a plan to secure order in the streets, protect infrastructure, deal with existing Iraqi police/military personnel and protect existing military supplies and arms. Corruption and war profiteering have been the rule, not the exception. In the rush to war, military personnel were sent to their deaths and others to endure life-altering injuries without proper protective equipment. Private contractors along with our military have killed over 650,000 Iraqi citizens, limited electrical, water and sewer capacities, and created enough ill will to last generations. Despite years of our intervention, prospects for a stable “democratic” government in Iraq remain highly uncertain.

Last November the majority of Americans let it be known to their representatives that they no longer support the administration’s weakly conceived and poorly executed war effort. Yet instead of moving toward withdrawal, we have an escalation of troop levels.

Many of our representatives appear to value personal and corporate interests rather than the wishes of their constituents. Others are attempting to promote an end to the military action and need support.

This entry is about ensuring that our voices are heard and supporting those who are listening - a place of community exchange for North Carolinians who desire to encourage those who represent them in our government to support initiatives for ending military operations in Iraq and preventing them in Iran, as well as to exercise their oversight role as members of Congress.

I invite you to join me by adding your voice and your comments here. Together we can make a difference.




Thanks for taking the time - for making the time - to rally support for ending this insane war. Living in a state with such a huge military presence, we're all affected by Bush's fiasco every day. Keep it coming - and let us know exactly what and when it's time to push.

Every progressive I know is terribly frustrated that it still seems to be business as usual in Congress. We just have to keep beating the drum louder and louder.

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Our goal is to make influencing our congressional members as easy as possible. We hope you will comment on the process and together make wide spread participation a reality. Next posting, likely on Saturday, we will discuss "The Plan". Some comments on time lines will also be included, as action will be needed in a few weeks. Stay tuned.