An Invitation....

I would like to invite anyone from BlueNC who is interested in seeing John Edwards be elected as our next President to join our state yahoo group.

For more information go to:

North Carolina for Edwards here

We're just getting started...but we plan to be vigorous in our support and need some good minds and willing hands to help. We're building an information database on Edwards and what he thinks and has done to help us the debunk lies and false statements that will surely start to fly when and if he announces.

I live in Wilmington,,,my email address for this project is and I'd be happy to provide more info. A group of us around the country currently have shell groups set up for every state and 12 states now have members in their group.

Thanks...and if you haven't looked, please take a look at Mr. Edwards One America web site and join the blog. Go to

OneAmericaCommittee here

and then go to the blog and read the DEBUNKER Diary to get an idea of the work going on.


Live in Moore County

John grew up in Robbins, at the northern end. My husband went to school with him and says he is a very humble man.

When hubby's dad died, John went out of his way to give his sympathies.

Years later, our daughter needed help getting our autistic grandson into the program "teach" and turned to Edwards. He remembered my husband, and provided help. (Although i think he would have done the same for all his constituents)

He announced his campaign in Robbins, if ya'll remember, in front of one of the closed mills in that town. His parents still live there. During the campaign, one of the morons that live across the street from his parents put up lighted 6' X 8' sign for bush/cheney.

There was even a hand painted sign i read that said something like, "if you want a strong, straight America, vote bush/cheney....if you want a weak, gay America, vote Kerry/Edwards.

NPR did a program on why people vote against themselves in voting for the bush/cheney ticket and determined it was lack of education. To prove their point, they went to a small town and interviewed the locals...of course that small town was Robbins!

Moore County

Wow, what a story! It's that "lack of education" we're hoping to overcome. If you decide you'd like to help, please join us. It's a grassroots effort and we need people in every community who understand the issues and who are willing to speak out and help educate their neighbors. Thanks for your reply.

Stan Bozarth


I read about this the other day on OAC. I like what the Senator is doing with the netroots. I'm a big supporter so I will join soon.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Boots on the ground

Thanks, Robert! I'll look forward to having you join the group and help us put a strategy together. Please, when you join, send me an email with your home town and perhaps a little info about yourself... all the rest of you out there...if you think it's time for us to take back our country...give us a hand. We've got two years...more or lesss...and there are going to be powerful interests trying to discredit good candidates such as Mr. Edwards. It's time for "we the people" to stand tall and get involved. That may seem to be preaching to choir, cuz you wouldn't be on Blue NC if you didn't care...but it's gonna take boots on the ground to make good things happen...and we need your help.

Stan Bozarth

Hey Stan.

I'm a fence-sitter on John Edwards, but more than willing to be convinced. Are you open to folks like me joining the group ... or are you focused only on the hard core.

BTW, I think the world of Mr. Edwards. I'm just not ready to throw myself into his presidential bid. As I've said on several occasions, though, I'll support him in a heartbeat if he's the nominee.

Anglico...please join!

There's no better way to keep ourselves honest than to have folks who need convincing to be part of the process. I can't say for sure Mr. Edwards will run...or that he will win the nomination
(Wish I could!), but if he does there are going to be lots of people who need convincing. If, over time, you become convinced, who better to help convince others?

Stan Bozarth

A, I think I'm ready

I think I'm ready to throw my efforts behind a candidate. I just love John Edwards. I like Russ Feingold and Mark Warner too. This time, though, I think I'm going to get involved early on instead of waiting to see how the wind blows. Not that you're waiting for that's just usually why I wait. If he doesn't win the primary, I'll support the Democratic nominee.

Many of the world's problems are either created by or exacerbated by poverty. I'm ready to back a man who wants to tackle poverty in our country. We can't help solve the problems of the rest of the world if we aren't solving our own problems first.

Earlier, I was ready to back Feingold or Warner. I felt Edwards' poverty issue was too soft. I've been doing a lot of reading and I think the time to tackle poverty and other economic issues is now. I'm backing John Edwards.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Hi, Southern Dem

We can certainly use your help and your thoughts to get this important message across. You're so right...poverty and illiteracy are at the core of, and fuel many of our problem both here at home and abroad. We need your help...please join us.

Stan Bozarth

Stan, Moore Co for Edwards

Both Hubby and I are for Edwards and gladly accept your invitation!


Please post this at the DNC blog, as there are many there that support Edwards for Pres!

Momoaizo...thank you!

...and I'll take your advice about posting to the DNC. I'll be working tonite to get emails out to you and the others after you join the "Group" on Yahoo.

Stan Bozarth