Investigate Charles Taylor

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Request to Investigate Ethics & Business Dealings of Congressman Charles H. Taylor
Dear Sir,
As the hardworking people of the 11th Congressional District to demand accountability of Congressman Charles Taylor!
"Whereas, N.C. 11th Dist. Congressman Charles Taylor was first elected in 1990. Ever since, his lack of integrity has landed him in one scandal after another. That Charles Taylor’s business dealings make Tom DeLay’s look ethical by comparison. Whereas Tom DeLay got some free trips and didn’t file proper paperwork, Charles Taylor has personally profited for years from illegal and questionable business practices. If he ever had any, he left his mountain values at the door. Charles Taylor owns a bank—the Blue Ridge Savings Bank—in which the top official, bank president Hayes Martin, who was also Taylor’s campaign treasurer, pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering for making illegal loans. The beneficiary of the illegal $1.3 million loan was Charles Cagle, 11th District Republican Chair and a Taylor friend and campaign contributor. Cagle also pleaded guilty. Their sworn court testimony showed that Taylor micromanages all operations at the bank and was in full knowledge of the illegal loans. Yet Taylor successfully thwarted any investigation of himself. Jackson County was even forced to garnish Taylor’s congressional wages in order to collect back taxes. And this was for one of the wealthiest Members of Congress! Taylor’s shady banking practices aren’t restricted to the United States. Taylor owns a bank in Russia where his business partner is a former KGB General. Russian newspapers report that Taylor may be fleecing the Russians as well, with interest rates as high as 60%! Congressman Taylor’s financial disclosure forms appear to lack complete and detailed information on his Russian banking interests including the Columbus Investment Company, of which the KGB general is also a partner. "Whereas, Taylor has, to date, refused to give back or donate the $2,250 he received from Republican super-lobbyist and admitted felon, Jack Abramoff. If he is not going to give back the tainted cash or donate it to charity. North Carolina lost more than 34,000 jobs due to NAFTA – a trade deal similar to the CAFTA agreement. [H. Res. 3045, Vote #443, 7/28/05] forceing WNC Furniture Plants to now work on reduced schedules as a large ammount of that trade already goes to China. Taylor could put that Abramoff money toward a trip to Russia so that he can continue to oversee the Russian business deals he puts ahead of North Carolina families.
This winter so many western North Carolina families are unable to afford to heat their homes and while Charles Taylor may have voted to cut home heating assistance, at least with logs for a crackling fire, he’ll keep warm. Taylor Was "Missing in Action" for the CAFTA Vote – One of the Most Important Issues in His District. Taylor’s most significant "vote" on workers’ issues may be the one he failed to cast at all. After promising to vote against the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), Taylor ended up not voting at all when his alleged vote against the agreement did not record on the voting machine. Taylor and his aides offered excuses as the bill passed by an extremely narrow margin. Although Western North Carolina has suffered from the closing of multiple textile and furniture plants, Taylor failed to make this vote a priority. Taylors Birthday: January 23, 1941, which would have made him old enough to take active part in the Vietnam War, Yet he claims no record at his website. A rumor had it that he was in the National Guard to avoid the draft yet he has never put up a DD-214.
Taylor’s Connections to a North Carolina Bank Scandal and a Shady Russian Businessman Raise Ethical Questions. In 2005, two of Taylor’s bank colleagues and political allies were convicted of bank fraud and money laundering. Although his associates alleged Taylor knew about the fraudulent loans and was directly involved, he was never interviewed or investigated by prosecutors or law enforcement officials. In 2003, Taylor bought a Russian bank and an investment company with a former KGB agent. He issued thousands of dollars in loans to a Russian businessman and co-sponsored a bill to use taxpayer funds for a home mortgage program in Russia. Taylor Voted To Cut Home Heating Assistance By $22 Million. In 2005, Taylor voted against an effort to strip a 1% across-the-board cut to all "discretionary" programs that had been attached to the FY 2006 defense spending bill. The cuts – totaling $8.5 billion –included cuts to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). LIHEAP was scheduled to be funded at $2.2 billion for 2006 – only $600,000 more than last year. The 1% across-the-board cut stripped $22 million from the program. [HR 2363, Vote #668, 12/19/05]
More than a dozen members of Congress intervened to help Indian tribes win federal school construction money while accepting political donations from the tribes, their lobbyist Jack Abramoff or his firm.
The lawmakers...including House Appropriations subcommittee Chairman Charles Taylor, R-N.C....wrote letters that pressed a reluctant Bush administration to renew a program that provided tribes federal money for building schools. Others used the congressional budget process to ensure it happened, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. And most received donations, ranging from $1,000 to more than $74,000, in the weeks just before or after their intervention.In 2002, Taylor received $1,000 from the Cherokee tribe (which won funding this year) a few months after he sent a letter urging funding for an Abramoff-backed tribe. He also received $2,000 from an Abramoff tribe in 2002 just before signing a letter. Taylor is a experenced Tree Farmer even being caught for Tax troubble in Jackson County.
The Bush administration has proposed selling 300,000 acres of public land nationwide, including some 6,615 acres in the Pisgah and Nantahala national forests in Western North Carolina. Some land in the Uwharrie and Croatan national forests in North Carolina .U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor, a Brevard Republican, declined to comment on the proposal or whether he will support it. Taylor is chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and Environment, which funds national forests."I don’t want to make a comment until I see their report to Congress. We will study it and make our decision," he said. As a Tree Farmer and Major Landholder in WNC Who do you think will profit from this? Therefore , We Concerned Veterans & Common Citizen Taxpayers of the 11th District ask that his pratices be investigated ASAP as he has never been invesitgated before!

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