Intimidation in the Dark Ages

It’s nice to see the sun shining after this week’s snow, but no matter how bright the sun and Carolina Blue the sky, today North Carolina entered a new Dark Age.

When I think back on my educational experiences I never thought I'd live to see a day when Science was ridiculed as Magic, Learning denigrated as Foolhardy, and the Ravings of the Willfully Ignorant elevated to the level of Religion. Nor did I ever expect to live in a time where everyone associated with a world class university was made to feel the phrase Freedom of Speech had to be replaced with Do Not Anger The Powers That Be.

The Intimidation has begun. The question that remains is Who will be silenced next?
Will private universities that accept state scholarship monies be threatened if a professor publishes in favor of climate change? Will newspaper editors who write of government malfeasance lose their press credentials and find themselves shut out of news conferences? (Will bloggers be denied access to the electrical outlets at NCGA?? or, How Low Will They Go?)

Many in government have endured the reporting of personally scathing remarks about themselves, and their families, without the childish response our Regime leaders dished out today to UNC. It shows pettiness of mind and a very un-Christian lack of tolerance. This was a small act that engendered an elephantine response. What will they do when the stakes are much higher?

"North Carolinians are not easily cowered. They react poorly to petty tyrants. They always have."
Gene Nichol