The International Pricing Index Has Some Flaws

The International Pricing Index (IPI) piece included in Speaker Pelosi's Lower Drug Costs Now Act may seem like the perfect solution to bringing down the price of expensive prescription drugs, but there are some real problems with this model. IPI can potentially hurt the most vulnerable and sick patients when they're at their worst, and take away their ability to get access to treatments. The model would base the price the US pays for prescription drugs off of what six other countries pay. While that seems like a good idea in theory, in reality, some of those other countries don't have the same innovative treatments and medications we have in the US. In some of the countries, their patients only have access to 55% of cancer treatments, while American patients have access to 95%. Americans can't afford to lose access to the treatments and medications that keep them alive. We've got to find another way to lower prescription drug costs that doesn't hurt the very people relying on the benefits of them.