An Interesting Article About A Choice That Americans Face

Here is the link to the Charlotte Observer printing of it in today's newspaper. The column originally ran in the Miami Herald.


Thanks, Wayne

Great article, and I especially loved this part:

you represent the latest iteration of an anti-intellectualism that periodically rises in the American character. There is, historically and persistently, a belief in us that y'all just can't trust nobody who acts too smart or talks too good -- in other words, somebody whose "general persona" indicates they may have once cracked a book or had a thought. Americans tend to believe common sense the exclusive province of humble folks without sheepskins on the wall or big words in their vocabularies.

I think this goes to the core of why a big chunk of the electorate are missing vital information on so many important issues: the perception that they don't want to know encourages leaders to refrain from telling them.

But then there are leaders like you, Wayne, who tell people what you think they need to know, regardless of whether there's a noticeable demand for that knowledge. Never change, baby. Never change.

Double ditto

Thanks, Mr. Goodwin.