Insurance Companies Fight Mental Health Parity. ACT NOW PLEASE. TODAY AND TOMORROW COUNT.

Well guess what? Many folks may not realize this, but if your child has diabetes, AND if you have insurance coverage, you can get care for the diabetes and drugs etc with out many limits. IF you are sick, then your insurer covers that illness.

BUT if your child has schizophrenia or some other mental illness, it is likely that you have great BIG limits on coverage. There is often a lifetime limit on mental health benefits, that is quite small, such as $20,000 lifetime limits for care of mental illnesses. Well, if you are hospitalized for a mental illness, you may run out your benefits fast.

SO now we understand what mental health parity is about...treating mental illnesses like we do other illnesses! And the bill before the Insurance COMMITTEE in our State legislature, is stalling. WHY? because BC BS and other insurers are pulling their clout with OUR elected officials to stop it. WHY?

Because people with mental illness do not garner sympathy of the public sometimes? Because it is a way to deny services to folks who cant advocate for themselves?

Mental health parity means that mental illnesses would be covered as are all other illnesses. Lets make insurance coverage reflect the 20th century conception of mental illness.


To do something about it: Go here.


Thanks for carrying the banner

We're still working very hard on this issue in the west. There's a lot more goo to come out regarding Hooker Odom, and the legisators who are busily keeping parity from seeing a real vote are going to get some on them.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

get some goo...on them...

I love that metaphor.

Some friends went to the rally at the Legislature today.
Apparently there are enough people who want to see some parity, as long as we are not extending this to ... folks with alcohol and substance abuse! We would not want folks like Rush to get their tx covered!

There is a Senate version and a House potential amendment to the bill so that parity may get some legs tomorrow.

This is another case where citizen voices can make a difference. Write to the members of the Insurance Committee and to your own rep. Make sure you give your home address. Join the western activists of NC!on them