Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin Urges Citizens to Prevent Flu

Because it is an excellent safety precaution that saves lives and keeps insurance costs down, North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin this past week received both his seasonal flu vaccine and also the H1N1 vaccine.

"Stay healthy, protect yourself and your family, and fight the flu before you get it," said Goodwin.

He also urged kids and adults alike to wash hands very frequently and thoroughly, to keep your hands away from your eyes and nose, and to sneeze into the bend of one's arm or otherwise cover one's mouth.

"It doesn't take a shot in the arm - in my case, one in each arm - to know how important it is to protect your health."

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flu shots

So sorry you feel a need for a flu shot(s) Truth is it is all about stress which weakens the immune system and until one addresses this causal problem, pple will keep believing drugs are the answer!Drugs only mask symptoms.


It's hard to imagine that the job Wayne's filling could come without stress, no?

Is flu the price we pay for living complicated lives? Could be.

Preventing the Flu

A simple three step cleaning process can help in preventing the spread of flu viruses and kill up to 99.99999% of germs. You have to completely decontaminate the room, and then prevent re-contamination with effective cleaners and sanitizers. Read more here: Link blocked by James

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Isn't the regular flu more

Isn't the regular flu more wide spread then swine or bird? I mean don't more people get sick and die from that each year so what is the scare about this swine flu? I saw a video of a girl who took the vaccine and can't walk normally now because of a reaction. This is like the hemorrhoidscommercials with smiling actors like it's no big deal.