Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin Fights Fraud, Takes Big Bite Out of Crime

Your state Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin and his highly-trained experts at the Department of Insurance have given ample examples of their dedication to stamping out insurance fraud this week.

Just in the last week alone there have been this, this, this, this, and this.

The two most high profile of these have involved the CEO of Pace Airlines and the head of a business accused of swindling a 90-year old woman out of $168,000 and others out of more than $2.5 millions of dollars in savings.

"I'm proud of the quick and thorough work of my investigators in this case," said Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. "The money lost represents the hard work and savings of these honest people; we are doing everything we can to bring justice for them."

The Department of Insurance, through its Criminal Investigations Division, employs 20 sworn law enforcement officers dedicated to investigating claims of insurance fraud. So far in 2009, these criminal investigators have seen more than 241 cases successfully closed with more than $9.7 million in restitution and recoveries, 67 criminal convictions and 123 arrests and 92 cases pending in court.

An estimated 10 cents of every dollar paid in premiums goes toward the payment of fraudulent claims. To report suspected fraud, contact the Department of Insurance Investigations Division at (919) 807-6840. Callers may remain anonymous. Information is also available at the NC-DOI Web site.

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I am sorry to correct you but it looks like the same old puppet show to me. Unless it is Batman, starring Les Merritt as the Joker, Perry as the Penguin, and that gal as Catwomen.

I know why they had a picture of a bulldog on Merritt's yard signs during the last election.

The bull dog took a better picture.

Commissioner Goodwin

Just a little nudging in case you missed my question.

What is the State Auditor's position on the emergence of Les Merritt's private crime-fighting organization here in North Carolina?

Sorry for the delayed reply -- I'm more of a Superman fan

What is the State Auditor's position on the emergence of Les Merritt's private crime-fighting organization here in North Carolina?*James


Your "nudge, nudge" question asks about the State Auditor's position on that organization ... of course, I cannot speak for Beth Wood, our State Auditor. I'll be happy to pass along your query to her personally when next her and my paths cross, which may be later this week at various political functions around the State. ...

Meanwhile, your initial post to me and reference to Batman reminds me of what law enforcement officials would say in opposition to Batman. Maybe Commissioner Goodwin sounds a lot like Gotham City's police commissioner, Commissioner Gordon??

It is my hope, for instance, that anyone with information on potential or actual insurance fraud would contact my Department and me, or local law enforcement officials, such as Sheriff, with whom we work together as official partners in fighting crime, and not substitute non-law enforcement entities or individuals in their place.

As trained police and firefighters say, particularly because of the dangers involved and the need to follow proper procedures, and I'm speaking generally here and not to any one person or organization, it's best to leave crimefighting to the experts who have official and lawful authority to investigate, arrest, and/or prosecute.

Using the link you provided in your initial message, above, I've just begun to study the website of that organization. I'll need some time to reflect on how it intends to operate, particularly in relation to law enforcement officials working for local, State, and federal governments. It is certainly a curiousity.

Dang it.

Thanks, Wayne. I was working on a piece about the Auditor and got my wires crossed out of excitement about seeing your crime-fighting post. My apologies.

Yes ... it is certainly a curiosity.