Industrial Hemp in NC 2017

Industrial Hemp in NC 2017

A&T State University Small Farm Day is always a huge treat for me. Not only does the school share
the year’s cutting edge agricultural research with the public, all who attend have a fabulous lunch served
right there at the facility. This year I picked up leaflets detailing the pilot program for NC Industrial Hemp.

The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at A&T State University is one of two land-grant
institutions that manage the NC Hemp Research Pilot Program.
To be included in industrial hemp research, farmers must apply for a permit (license) to grow industrial hemp
from the NC Industrial Hemp Commission which will soon have a full-time program manager housed at
NC State University to work directly with farmers.

Research at A&T will include:
(1) Evaluating varieties of industrial hemp that will grow in NC;
(2) Assessing soil and other growing conditions;
(3) investigating possible uses of industrial hemp in new energy technologies; and
(4) Exploring the potential uses.

Farmers must complete several steps to qualify to become part of the industrial hemp project.

more info:
contact Dr. Yang Industrial Hemp Commissioner and A&T professor

What is one acre of Hemp worth wholesale?
Do the math: 8,000 lbs of hemp seed gives you oil 300 gal at $150 US per 5 Gal bucket 60-5 Gal at $150 ea.=$9,000.US
6,000 lbs flour whole sale $2.00 lb=12,000. That’s $21,000. just from the seed.
31 tons of fiber, raw stalk inhales at $75.00= $2,300. First value Added Separation 6 tons bast fiber at $1,000= $6,000.
25 tons of hurds at $300.= $7,500.




I'm very excited by this.

Not that I have a place to grow any hemp. It's just such a smart move to bring this valuable crop back to America. I haven't figured out who to thank yet.

me too

I actually own and live on an old tobacco farm but have no desire to really farm it. They've been doing some of the early tests in Person County.