Is Impeachment Off the Table?

I sent another letter to the most heinous Rep.R. Hayes.
Not the first, not the last..may not even matter..
He would have to recognize the difference between right and wrong and actually "listen" to the constituents for it to matter.. big duh, huh..

Jan 30, 2008

Representative Robin Hayes
Independence Avenue and 1st Street, SE
Washington, DC 20515-3308

Dear Representative Hayes,

I support House Resolution 799 calling for the impeachment of Vice
President Richard Cheney. I also support the impeachment of George W.
Bush. As your constituent, I am writing to insist that you and the
rest of the House of Representatives carry out your constitutional
duties to defend the Constitution of the United States by supporting

Please take the required action immediately or face the consequences
that follow when elected officials break the oath of office.

If you are not going to be active in the solution, than you are
clearly part of the problem."


xxx xxx xxxx
Concord, NC xxxxxx

If you want some's a link..