I'm a Nancy Boy! (political cartoon)

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Today begins the 110th Congress and the first time a woman will become Speaker of the House. And I think this will be good for America.

But not for the reasons you think.

I have blogged before on what San Francisco values really are: healthiest population, smartest, best wages, etc., but I don't think Middle America knows that. I don't think America fully appreciates the miracle of the San Francisco Bay Area's economic engine. From Silicon Valley on the south end of the Bay to Napa Valley to the North, the greater Bay area should be used as a template for how business should be all across America. Yes it is competitive, but that never killed America before and Americans have never shuddered at the thought of competition.

It is the attitude, acumen and policies of the businesses of the Bay Area that make it successful.

And all the GOP does is wonder if wearing pink makes you Gay.