If I had a monocle, it would have fallen off my face.

Let me say this rather bluntly: I've never been more embarrassed to be a Democrat than when I watched some of the candidates I'm pulling for sit in that last debate and act like schoolchildren talking over each other and taking cheap shots. What are we, Republicans?

Back when I learned how to debate, it was rather simple. You sat back and let the one kid take his turn, then when it was your turn, you decimated him in one sound movement. You didn't speak over him or try to butt in or make an embarrassment of yourself- you waited for the right time and you did it with finesse that came with the competition. Even if your opponent said something incredibly stupid, you only made them stupider by having the patience to let them get their whole thoughts out. It was polite, and often, it was quite humorous.

So since when is it okay to ignore such politeness running for President?

Let me put it to you this way: we're in damn trouble. If our Presidential candidates can't manage their temper in the middle of heated discussion (I'm looking at you, Miss Clinton) or if they stumble over their words obsessively (Obama) or just try to make vauge comments (Edwards), we'll get nowhere. Sure, we have extremely intelligent candidates who all deserve attention and a fair shake: but you certainly can't tell in those golden moments when you can virtually see Clinton's veins popping out of her forehead in some sort of rage.

And now, Hillary's learning. She's actually having to run around the country trying to soften her image because she's made herself out to be even HARDER than she was before. Talk about a political faux pas, one that is causing her a lot of trouble. Hey, everyone makes bad moves: but of all the moves she had to make. Us supporters don't know what the hell to say.

My thoughts? Let's regroup as a party. The Republican party doesn't matter right now, because they can't figure out which mercenary to send out on the battlefield yet, let alone a gameplan. Thankfully, we have the advantage of having a general idea of what we're doing, and it's a damn good thing. As a party, let's sit down and take a proverbial smoke break and handle things the right way. Hillary? Go out there and press the flesh and try to fix your angry outburst. Obama? Relax a little bit and a lot of people will find you that much more attractive. Edwards? Get that leading edge and I'll be behind you the whole way, but I'm worried you're a puppet, which hurts me (as I supported you last time and that didn't go over so well, unfortunately).

Okay everyone, let's go. We have only a few precious days before we begin whittling away politicians in our little Mad Max-esque deathmatch.


"Since when..." is since the media in this country has

taken on the role of king/queen making and legitimate debate isn't being conducted. The whole process is askew and it's not just the candidate's fault.

Smoke break hell...we need to get a damn bulldozer and go on a rampage with decent men and women steering the process. I nominate a lot of folks from BlueNC as being both capable and willing.

Stan Bozarth

I actually quite agree. I

I actually quite agree. I think the Media is too trigger happy to make some sort of deathmatch between the candidates to realize the impressions they give on voters. Thanks to CNN/Fox/the rest making these incredibly detailed analyses down to eye movement, I think people are beginning to forget that it all boils down to finding the candidate who you agree with who is the best man or woman for the office.

Hell, this is what I've thought about Patrick McHenry, our congressman, for a while. He's too virtual. In the concepts of Slavoj Žižek, Patrick McHenry does not exist: he is only present to us in a barrage of TV and newspaper ads, those little mailers the GOP members get, and other stuff.

This is why I'm beginning to warm up to Edwards- he seems so much more down to earth. Obama certainly has the best campaign strategy and implementation for the young voters, but there's something about Edwards that feels relaxing and normal. Normal is good.