Idiocy Not Limited To Food Stamps

Rep. Pittman, from Cabarrus County, takes today’s prize. He suggested Planned Parenthood “gave out” contraceptives that don’t work so they could “get more business.” That’s right, folks.

There was “bargaining” in the videos, he said, and “oh, I want a Lamborghini...” so we have to sell more women on an abortion to get that tissue.

“The very idea that Planned Parenthood would want to reduce abortions is ludicrous...they’re making money off of it....”

Just another elected official at work. HB 297 passed.



Worse than an embarrassment

The guy is delusional and needs psychiatric care. Oh wait, we shredded the safety net for care here in North Carolina. Guess we'll just have to lock his ass up. What a fucking moron.

Words that come out of

the likes of Pittman have long passed surprise or amazement. The North Carolina General Assembly has now become a cancer on it's citizens and the country.

The citizens of North

The citizens of North Carolina are no longer their constituents.