I want health care reform

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In Joes post earlier today, he noted that in the United States of America, 13,200,000 young people do not have health insurance. This is double the rate of uninsured in the 45-64 age
range.  I’m 16 years old. If healthcare reform does not happen in this country, what will happen to me in 10-15 years? What will my care be like? Perhaps I will be so fortunate as to have an employer who gives me health insurance. Then, if I get cancer and need treatment or if I go to the emergency room and need surgery I won’t go bankrupt, right? Wrong. The fictional “death-panels” that Sarah Palin mentioned on her facebook page are not in Obama’s plan, rather they are the doctors that work for insurance companies that deny coverage to people everyday by calling them “pre-existing conditions”. 

In Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko”,
he interviewed a doctor who used to work for an insurance company. She was REQUIRED to deny coverage to a certain number of people every month, and if she didn’t do it she would lose her job. This leaves countless Americans facing the choice of foregoing medical care or going bankrupt. This will continue to happen, unless something gets done. Every person has the right to medical care, and we need health care reform. With 13.2 million young Americans uninsured, we are facing a healthcare crisis. 
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As Joe also wrote
earlier today, abortion is legal in this country, and for many women it is a necessary medical procedure. For this reason, it should ABSOLUTELY be covered both under a public option and by private insurance companies. It looks right now like that is not going to happen, and this is absolutely wrong. If you are pro-life, then that’s fine. We can agree to disagree. However, this is a country where a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion, and because it is a necessary medical procedure it should be covered. No excuses. Now of course, in reality it might be impossible to pass a plan that includes federal funding for abortions, and TIME did a great article on the pros and cons with this issue.

So, who is debating and deciding what to do on this issue? Well, it appears to uniformed conservatives shouting at town hall meetings, and insurance company lobbyists in Washington. Corporate interests and billion dollar profits for insurance companies have taken priority over real care for average Americans for too long, and I hope that I can grow up in a world where that is no longer the case. Please, get educated about this issue.  The White House has several great resources online, which I recommend everyone check out. Fear and misinformation are NOT going to help young people and all americans access affordable and complete health care coverage, and we all need to make our voices heard on this important issue.  


Very well said

I completely agree with you. Your post is very well written and informative. The majority of people agree with you but the minority have pulled out every dirty trick and have become fanatical in their opposition. I hope you have met with your state and federal elected officials to voice your support. It helps more than you know to have young, well informed, and vocal supporters out there speaking and showing their support, especially directly with their elected officials.

Thanks, and I think we should ALL try to be very vocal

about our opinions on this issue-it is SO important. I hope lost of people are going to David Price's town hall meeting in Durham tonight:

What: Health Care Town Hall with
Rep. David Price

Where: NCCU Miller Morgan Building
528 Nelson St
Durham, NC 27701

When: Thursday, August 13th
Arrival Time: 5:45 p.m.
Start Time: 6:45 p.m.

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The reform plan, aimed at

The reform plan, aimed at providing health care coverage for the nearly 50 million Americans that have none, also faces resistance among some conservative Democrats.People wonder who is behind the town hall riots when anyone discusses health care reform, or Obamacare – the answer is Conservatives for Patients' Rights. Conservatives for Patients Rights, or the CPR, is headed by one Rick Scott – who isn't a doctor – but used to be the CEO of a hospital, and under his watch, his medical administration defrauded Medicare of $1.7 billion through a practice called upcoding, wherein a Medicare patient gets treated, but Medicare is billed for additional tests that never took place. (That's fraud.) Realistically, Conservatives for Patients Rights and Mr. Scott will never need short term loans, and the only reason why they oppose the bill is that they want the money from the program for themselves.