I Met Red America Last Night

When my Republican husband proposed that the family go to Lowe's Motor Speedway to watch some racin' and fireworks last night I checked my list of things to do before I die and sure enough it wasn't on there. After a little bit of eye-rolling from the girls, who also had not added the event to their lists, I did my best to portray the "good wife" and build enthusiasm for this event.

We all dressed and ate an early dinner. The dog was walked and my younger daughter was doing her best to show some enthusiasm for our new adventure. The 12-yr-old daughter was bemoaning the fact that she might actually be seen and this was obviously not a desirable thing. I was making sure I grabbed my Kissell stickers. I was going to be in the heart of Hayes country, so wanted to display my loyalties.

Follow me below the fold...

Understanding that this is a casual event in a very casual setting the girls both wore shorts and tee shirts. I, on the other hand, do not do shorts. Sporting black polished cotton capris, a sleeveless white top, black flats and sterling jewelry I headed to the track certain that I would look out of place and not caring one bit.

Apparently, the tube-top mammas didn't get their invitations to this event. I've only been to one NASCAR race and it was enough to last the rest of my life. The cars on the track had no appeal, but the people-watching was some of the best I'd ever done. There's more flesh on display at a race track than in a strip club. Last night, many of the women were dressed in capris and matching tops, so I wasn't as out of place as I had imagined.

Still, I couldn't figure why I was drawing the looks. I'm not overly attractive, nor do I cut a sleek svelte figure as I cut through a crowd. While it was only a few stares and a couple of finger points, I still couldn't figure out why I was attracting any attention at all.

Then, I figured it out. I looked down to put my sunglasses in my cute silk bag strapped across my shoulder and there on my chest drawing a sharp contrast against my stark white cotton top was a bright yellow Larry Kissell sticker. I had forgotten I was wearing it. I sat up straight, plastered a smile on my face that clearly said, "I'm enjoying this race, really I am." I was determined to fit in, if for no other reason than to do Larry proud in Hayes' home turf.

My polite applause for the Bandolero and Legend racers turned to rowdier clapping and I actually watched the cars and not the people watching the cars. I'm sure by the end of the evening I was blending right in.

The lights went out at the speedway after the stock car or crashing cars spent their time going around the track. It was hard to tell who was winning as there was no front and no back, just a big oval of beat up cars with names like Miss De Meanor, No Insurance, Area 51 and White Boy bumping and grinding their way through their left turns. I'm sure with some racin' experience under my belt I could tell where the front of the line is. I'm not sure how much racin' experience it would take for me to actually care where the front of the line is, though.

The fireworks were very nice. The ear plugs we wore during the racing were a bonus. The canned music was appropriately patriotic and the children around us were filling the air with Ooooos and Aahhhhhs. Over the sound of music and fireworks, the commentator reminded us of the, "American boys and girls fighting over in Iraq", and polite applause followed.

When he tried to arouse the crowd over the fact that we were all, "patriotic red-blooded Americans",(full southern country accent) there was barely movement in the crowd around me. Maybe it was my imagination. Maybe it was the fact that I knew this was the cry of the wingnuts on the right that turns my stomach. No clapping, no polite applause, no fitting in. I didn't want to.

That last shout out reminded me how this Republican majority and this President make me feel about being an American. I'm embarrassed at times. The face of dishonesty, aggression and ignorance that this president and this congress have shown the rest of the world makes me feel ashamed and I know that all of the good we as Americans do for others can't erase the harm that has been unleashed on the world by George W. Bush.

I hear that much of the NASCAR, small town crowd is conservative, so I assumed it was true of this crowd. In reality I don't know how many of the people in the crowd were Republicans and how many were Democrats. All I know is that one comment over the loud speaker put a damper on any patriotic spirit that the fireworks display had summoned and I didn't want to have anything in common with anyone who might cheer that on.

Today, a day when I normally celebrate my pride in America, I feel shame. There is no glory in anything George Bush has done in the name of God or in the name of my country. His reign of hate has turned my American pride into American shame. I want my country back.

We've talked about subpoena power and taking back the House, but I've decided that this is not enough. I'm not going to think small anymore. I want to take back America. Do you want to help?


What a great story.

I've never been to a race like this, but I have the same experience in shopping malls, flea markets and anytime I go to Jacksonville, NC. I swing between rage and shame and am always sad that I live in a country that twice (maybe) elected a buffoon to reign over all.

Beautiful diary.

Thanks, A

I have to admit...I do kinda love the flea markets with loads of antiques....but I know what you mean.

I'm going to post at Kos...but don't care if it gets rec'd or not.

Enjoy your party today...and your sweet bride. I'm glad she couldn't live without you anymore than you could live without her. Makes it kinda wonderful. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Don't let me fool you

I am SO NOT a fashionista. I was making a bit of fun at myself with all the talk of clothes and cute silk bags....

Pool party is about to start. I'm trying to muster up some good old fashioned patriotism to carry me through the day.

Have a great 4th, ya'll.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


That was a great story and I'm so proud of you for wearing your Larry Kissell badge. I know Larry very well and he is my congressman. He will be in Washington!!!! Larry is a super guy and he will help the common person.

He is sending Hayes back to North Carolina so he can count his money he made on voting for CAFTA while the people who don't have a job(because of Hayes) wonder how they are going to pay their bills and have food to eat. I hope the people in the 8th distrist will get out and VOTE FOR KISSELL.

Larry Kissell

I am so excited that I will actually have a congressman after November 7. It has been so long. I am going to have a sign in my yard and everything. I've never had a sign in my yard, because I am in real estate. This year I think it is time. Of course, my favorite congressman will always be Brad Miller, my little brother.


That's a big step . . . coming out as a real estate agent!


Larry Kissell

You know what I meant - A Larry Kissell sign.


I knew what you meant and the compliment was sincere! People in business - especially real estate - lead very public lives. Taking a stand for Larry will turn off some people . . . but it will inspire even more! Good going.

Larry Kissell

Now that we have that straight, let's get back to work. I just left a July 4th party, and my jaws are sore from clinching my teeth. I had plenty of allies there, but there was a "lady" there who is doing telephone hawking for Robin Hayes. She and her son changed parties a few months back when Robin Hayes had a post office named for her late husband. I had to be good so I wouldn't embarrass my mother.

Hayes is good on

naming stuff. Fortunately, there aren't enough post offices to buy enough votes in the 8th district to hold his seat.

Brad Miller

is my hero. At least he's one of them. We are so lucky to have him representing North Carolina in Washington.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Brad Miller

has the right stuff. I know, because I have known him his whole life. I am very proud of him. I'm so glad you recognize what a good person he is.

Do we have to take Hayes back?

Can't we find something important for him to do somewhere...say...like...maybe hunting for those WMDs he swears exist in Iraq?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Robin Hayes

Speaking of hunting, why don't we send him hunting with the veep?

It would be funny to send Robin a note

That simply says....

The Vice President wishes to take you hunting and we'd like to pay your way.


Your Constituents.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

you're much stronger than i am...

i probably would have gotten my ass kicked by at least five people in that crowd in ten, fifteen minutes tops. more than likely because i would have been tempted to wear a shirt i have that, well... let's just say that it doesn't really have anything flattering to say about dale earnhardt.

and i'm guessing that the announcer didn't bother mentioning people like pfc steven d. green when he humbly reminded the crowd of our troops in iraq...

Going to an event

like this one, sporting your Kissell colors and having a good time helps die hard Republicans realize that Democrats are people too, and it may open the door for some of them to look into Larry's candidacy.

You may have won over some of the most difficult Republican voters in the district, SD. Nice going!

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

I love to sport my Kissell colors

My car wears them everywhere she goes.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Good story, but...

I'll tell you something about this. I'm white, male, young, very liberal, from New York...and I love NASCAR.

And the last thing I ever want to see, hear, or be reminded of when I go to LMS for a race is politics. It invades virtually every facet of life, and of all the places I really want this stuff left at the gates, it's there.

I don't want to hear about it over the PA system (and I didn't at least falls Cup and Busch races) and I don't want to see people parading around with stickers on them. I go there to be entertained by a race with friends and family, and to have fun, not to see that.


I'm white, female, not so young and not as liberal as I used to be and anyone who doesn't like my sticker can just ignore the damned thing....and I don't parade. Hell, I don't even sashay.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


If you met a reb. nascar fan. Please remind him if not for a democratic president Rick Hendrix car owner would be in jail.


I was in Topsail this weekend when irony was flying in formation over an unofficial tin-pot parade led by a pied-piper driving a Hummer bedecked with ribbons and flags.

I couldn't help wondering if he realized that soldiers were dying to put gas in his guzzler and because armored Hummers can't be produced fast enough while there's no shortage of Hummers for pleasure.

Of course he didn't get it


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.