I met blue south at a Healthcare action w/SEIU and Gov. Strickland speaks

This past week, a coalition of progressive groups gathered in Columbus, Ohio to make the people's voices heard on the subject of affordable Healthcare.

This group included
SEIU,ACORN,Progress Ohio,UHCAN (Universal Health Care Action Network),SPAN (Single Payer Action Network),Justice for Janitors, and Gamaliel affiliates AMOS and NOAH

Bruce Colburn, SEIU
Brian Rothenberg, ProgressOhio.org
Stephanie Beck Borden, Gamaliel/AMOS
Cathy Levine and Christine Conroy UHCAN Ohio.

Hattip to Lorraine Bieber of Progress Ohio

At the same time, the insurance industry's spokes people were placing the blame on the providers and the people were not buying it.

AHIP (American's Health Insurance Plan) finally met with some frustrated citizens who have seen too many denials to healthcare claims.

Keep reading, unless you have had been supported by government paid healthcare.

This video, which is 3 minutes, is cut from a solid hour of loud chants and protests over the state of our healthcare. It starts with a march around the capitol of Ohio, up to the location of the AHIP meeting, and includes
Brian Rothenberg of ProgressOhio.org, who points out that the health insurance companies are kicking off a national public relations tour, just as the oil companies are kicking off their new PR tours about how good they have been to us.
Mr. Rothenberg, you do the Ohio Progressive community proud.

AND Ohio Governor Ted Strickland rallies the troops

While we rallied on the outside, here is what was happening on the inside - listen to this incredulous audio from the AHIP meeting courtesy nyceve

Kim asks

"Why would Angela Braly (CEO of Wellpoint) make such a comment? Would she sacrifice on the 9 million dollars she made this year, would she sacrifice?"
[Angela Braly is the CEO of Wellpoint. In April she told investors "we won't sacrifice profitability for membership". [applause]

Spin Answer of the year:

Ignagni: "You talk to a hospital, you talk to a doctor, you talk to any concerns, you talk to a profit or not-for profit industry, you hear no margin, no mission. So the question is, you rather be in the black not the red, to do anything in our society is very important."

blame the provider, blame the hospital, and ignore the tightrope that the health insurance companies have made them walk.
the blame game ends now.

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Glad you two met!

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it was kind of mind boggling

and it always will be, when I met a fellow blogger in the real world. He and I traded lots of stories regarding the Edwards campaign as well as the recent events in NC politics. lots o' fun!!!

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