I have a new Vets Blog out for NC-11!

Well, Some of you have known I am Supporting Heath Shuler in the upcomming election. Others may now be in a state of Shock upon learning this! But like my friend Robert told me,I fought for free speech so I figure it is my right to do so be I in the right or the wrong. It a funny thing how vets and some non-vets can spot scum of the earth like our current congressman. I am crossposting my last post from that site, Vet's Behind Heath Shuler for Congress in 2006 @ http://vetsforheath2006.wordpress.com/
I hope you will pay it a visit .If im not here ,Im usually there. And No, I did not receive nor did I ask for anything to do it.

I have known these folks my entire life and know their work ethics. I know I can trust them and I hope you can see that too. Here is one of my post from there. I hope you will read it and also visit the site & comment! Dan

My personal Thought’s on Why as Vet’s We need to Elect Heath Shuler.
April 5th, 2006 by Dan Siler
I can just hear a lot of my Brother & Sister Veterans out there in the 11th District asking the question. Why do I think we need Heath Shuler in Congress so bad and just why have I made it a personal task to do this blog and campain for him? Well , I will try to awnser you the best I can!
I am a veteran of the Vietnam Era just like most of you are. I am truly proud of my Brother & Sister Vet's in our little corner of the state. To those of you ,My fellow vet's whom I have met while at the VA Hospital in Asheville and travels to Legion & VFW meetings I can say one thing, You are a fine,proud,honorable lot of folks. And to those employees at the VA who have went the extra mile with us, cared enough to help us when we were down, you are good people also. But ,it is high time for the whole lot of us to join together ,quit letting the admin crap on us, and have someone in office who will not forget us!
Now, To awnser your next question, as I know your chomping at the bit to ask me! NO! I cannot put it any clearer than that! Pure,Plain NO! This blog, IS NOT, SUPPORTED, NOR IS IT ENDORSED IN ANY WAY, by the Shuler Campain!! OK,Next question then. Just why do I do it then,why do I take time away from doing other things around the house, take time away from sitting and watching TV or doing something with my wife to sit here and try to publish a Blog @ 1:08am in the morning? That is the easy one, First,I am a Vetran's Advocate and it is my chooseing to help my fellow Vet's. That is my choice!
Second, Remember when we were in the Military and we would asways notice the ones with the Thousand yard stares? That is what I see when I look at Charles Taylor. He dosent care about us because we cant make him millions of dollars! Ok, time to fess up & be Honest, Why am I workin my tail of for the Shuler campain? Well, Remember the saying ,you can see a mans soul thru his eyes? When I look to Heath ,I see pride & confidence in his eyes, a strong work ethic, good sound morals and someone who isnt afraid of hard work. As for his staff,they are the very best of people. If you get the chance to speak to Heath's campain Manager, Hayden Rogers sometime do so. He is a straight shooter. And on a personal note, I can say Thanks to Hayden each & every day that I have a fine outstanding son! Hayden took a interest in him as his football coach and taught him good sound morals & ethics & to never accept defeat! These are the caliber of people Heath has surrounded himself with.
I have seen this end of the state degrade under the hand of Charles Taylor over the years. It is time for it to stop. Oh, Why dosent Taylor do more for us Vets? He isnt one! Ok, you may say Heath isnt a vet. But let me ask you , How many Non-Vets that are running for office that have actually taken time to study & learn the issues affecting us? How many know to go look in Title 38CFR to get info to help us? I know and can testify to the fact Heath does & can! Heath is actually the closest thing we have to putting a vet in office here in NC-11!
So here is a open invitation to join in here with me. Post your positives and if you have something that needs a awnser, you have my word I will get the awnser for you! REMEMBER,HEATH SUPPORTS US & CARES ABOUT US! LETS SHOW HIS WE DO ABOUT HIM! It has be a Honor for me to write this post! Take care Bro's & Sis's, Keep ya head down! I wish all of you my best! Dan Siler