I believe Senator Hagan is hearing US

Just this morning in Charlotte, Senator Hagan spoke before a group of people at Shelter Health Services and told them that her critics need to stay tuned to what is going on with the healthcare debate in Washington D.C.

"We haven’t taken a 'public option' off the table," she told reporters today. She said it depends on what that means. A member of a key Senate health committee, she said she’s working with colleagues to find a way to expand coverage, ensure quality of care and be fiscally accountable.

You can read the short article from the News and Observer online here. http://projects.newsobserver.com/node/14582

It would seem that Senator Hagan is hearing us, and she is at least listening to the point to where she realizes that her core constituancy is not happy with her and some of the remarks she has made lately regarding the public option being included in healthcare reform. She has come to the realization that it is the her core constituancy ARE her critics.

Please continue to urge Senator Hagan to do what we busted our humps to send her to Washington D.C. to do. Simply remind her that she is there to vote for President Obama's agenda to right the ship of State that has been blown off course for many years by the Republicans and the corporatists.

It's going to take some guts and some hard work to overcome all those years of rudderless and leaderless indiscretion. Senator Hagan? That's what we hired you for.


Keep after the Senator.

Try to be polite! It's not easy for me at times, so I'm reminding myself as much as everyone else.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

According to this...

...analysis, she's not.

She's just being our Senator and doing her best. That may include upsetting you. Prepare for that.

According to this analysis

she just might. Or not. That is the beauty of understanding nuance.

Perhaps a Jr. College class or two in rational thought would allow you to understand that.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Any recommendations?

Perhaps a Jr. College class or two in rational thought would allow you to understand that.

I'd sure like to have the same Professors you did. :D

Yes, or course

I'd suggest you stop being an asshole.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!





North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Your mastery...

Of both when to use the word "nuance" as well as "asshole" in a thread is duly noted. Those "rational thought" classes you took and recommend weren't just at any regular Junior College were they?

More like the Ph.D program at the Math, Science & Situational Ethics Institute for Jerks, huh Doctor?

Watch it

last time I say it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

And last time I say sorry...

For defending your post and being called an "asshole" that needs Junior College remedial logic for doing so.

Is this a Members Only club or a blog?

It's a blog with people who don't like to be baited

and assholes have to have some redeeming qualities.

This isn't my post. I don't need defending. I think that's pretty obvious if you spend any amount of time around here.

I don't think you need a remedial logic course, but charm school wouldn't hurt. heh

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

So glad funluvinwhatever does then

assholes have to have some redeeming qualities.

Cause that guy's an asshole.

I'll happily extricate myself from this circle jerk on my own, thanks.



Stan Bozarth

No, they were all about checking the times

on the story that that the diary you linked to vs. the diary I posted.

Rational thought would allow that you would investigate the difference between the two before you pop off some more.

Now. If you want to be an adult and start fact checking yourself, I'm ready to allow that you won't be flippant in the future. If not, then I can't help you.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Not that anything you just said made sense

But I do apologize for you saying I need college courses and I'm an asshole. I know that makes me flippant, and I appreciate you being the adult about it here.

Thanks for this second chance.

Again, here's what you attacked

She's just being our Senator and doing her best. That may include upsetting you. Prepare for that.

I think the word "may" is the only thing obvious here besides your fangs.

Thank you for making me care much less what you think. My life as a Democratic activist just got easier.

It's about tone, DB

You may not even notice it, but several of your posts (on this and other threads) have had a "tone" of disdain, contempt, haughtiness, or whatever word you would use to describe when one person belittles the opinion of another.

And we're all Democratic activists here, each of us with different ideas about what issues are the most important, how to best pursue progress on those issues, what we can/should expect from elected Democrats, etc. I've mentioned this before, but putting your thoughts out there and trying to persuade others is indicative of an "Alpha" personality. Some have grumbled that BlueNC is an echo chamber or mutual admiration society, but I know it's not. We're a bunch of alphas, and it takes a great deal of patience and forbearance to make that work. But it does work, and we have changed some minds.

Now, it ain't always easy, and God knows I've stumbled with it myself, but you can disagree and argue a point without trying to out-clever someone or make them look like they're suffering from some sort of delusion. The best argument is one that pulls someone in, not pushes them away.

And just so you know, I also hate it when some self-righteous person preaches to me about ways I can improve myself. So if this post pisses you off, that's okay. It would probably piss me off, too.

Got it

And when I can call someone an "asshole" with the right "tone" I guess I'll be ready to have an informed opinion here like the guy that actually DID call me an asshole you aren't correcting.

Wow, a whole community of Mind Readers.

You don't need more blog readers, you need a special dispensation from Congress for mind readers. Is this the Lost Colony? Are you starting a Casino?

I kid! I kid?

Add emoticons if you want friends. Don't if you want to talk politics.

Steve's right

your tone comes across in your writing. You hint at things. You want to call someone a hypocrite, then do so, but don't hint around about it and then get upset when someone calls you an asshole and you get to point to your cryptic message and say, "What's wrong with that?"

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.