I agree with Renee Ellmers, let's focus on the issues

After Rep. Bob Etheridge apologized for roughing up an annoying camcorder toting blogger his opponent, Renee Ellmers, appeared at a press conference with Republican Party officials.

This is what she said about the incident:

But Ellmers, his opponent, appeared at a news conference Monday afternoon with state Republican party officials. She is so new to politics that a GOP news release on the event initially misspelled her name.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, which seeks out good local candidates, was in touch Monday with her campaign staff.

Ellmers said she wants the campaign to focus on Etheridge’s voting record and not on this gaffe. “I hate to stick the dagger in deeper,” she said.

But, she added, the video is out there now and cannot be ignored.

I agree, let’s focus on his voting record. Bob Etheridge stood up for struggling families by voting for health reform.

Here is the 25 word health care policy offered by Ellmers:

I’m a nurse and my husband is a doctor. There are right ways and wrong ways to improve health care. Obamacare is the wrong way.

Sorry children with preexisting conditions, no help for you here! To be fair, her health care proposal is twice as long as her tax proposal. And, as I’ve noted before, the Ellmers campaign is a fount of misinformation. They are lying about health reform. They are lying about a program that helps low-income elderly people obtain basic emergency phone access.

There is no doubt that Etheridge made a stupid mistake. But to suggest that his rash actions on a Washington sidewalk mean we should ignore the good he has done and elect his empty shell of an opponent is an insult the electorate.


Standing up for struggling familes

Bob Etheridge stood up for struggling families by voting for health reform.

Last year my family struggled with over $30k in medical expenses. Health Care reform would raise our taxes by almost $1.5k due to the lowering of the FSA maximum and an increase of the medical expense deduction threshold.

That's not what I call standing up for struggling familes.

Of course, I guess someone has to pay for everyone elses health care so why not those already burdened with health care expenses. BRILLIANT!

I fail to see

How repealing health reform, which helps limit medical debt, would assist your family.

Why assume?

Why assume we went into medical debt?

So, if we had spent more than we had and went into debt the government would help us out? Instead we've saved every spare dime we've had over the past 3 years because we knew these treatments were necessary. Since we paid cash up front the government will tax us more.

Again, brilliant policy.

Harder to plan

When you're hit by a car and run up a $50,000 bill in ICU.

And, no, cost sharing is limited for those who pay up front. That's what will result in less medical debt.