Hypocrisy from Dallas Woodhouse

Per Dallas Woodhouse: “When people try to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, you must come back with more speech and aggressively defend your rights.” And, that's exactly what happened when people converged on the State Capitol in protest of Amendment One. And what happened? The people elected to represent us had the protestors arrested, and the GOP American's For Prosperity (AFP) published their names and addresses and employers on the web in an attempt to intimidate/smear them. Where was Mr. Woodhouse and his high-minded views on freedom of speech and assembly? Unless memory fails me, he was perpetrating smearing these protestors. He was the State Director of the AFP and responsible for AFP's "attack on democracy." Woodhouse, and the newspapers, apparently have a short memory...and, frankly, using powers of the state to crush peaceful protest is infinitely more disturbing than some wacko acting up.




What a vile and gross human being

Dem headquarters attacked, too

Really can't understand why I had to read this in a Raw Story article and not WRAL, N&O, etc., but here's what happened:

According to Hughes, staffers found the words “Death to Capitalism” scrawled on the OCDP headquarters when they came into work.

“There’s a chilling effect,” he explained. “We have staff and we have volunteers who work in that office… I’m one of those folks who sometimes works late into the night in a party office and you wonder about your safety when you look at things like what happened [to the GOP office] in Hillsborough or something like ‘Death to Capitalism.’ A lot of folks see that as a threat, not even a veiled threat.”

Hughes called the two incidents “a heck of a coincidence.”

“If they are connected, it is someone who adheres to a very-far-out-there political ideology,” he remarked.

Don't hold your breath waiting for Republicans to set up a GoFundMe account to help...