This is hy Democrats have to be elected! This is Republican Crap!

You want to know why the Democrats have to be elected? Try this!

Say No To Tricare Fee Increases Support HR 4949 SAY "NO!" TO TRICARE FEE INCREASES Military retirees under the age of 65 would have their health care premiums dramatically rise if DoD’s fiscal year 2007 budget is enacted. It’s up to us to stop it. Under DoD’s plan: Enlisted retirees with a grade of E-6 and below would see their premiums increase by 41% Senior enlisted retirees would see increases of 106% Officer retiree premiums would increase by 204% Premiums would be automatically adjusted upwards in future years. TALKING POINTS: The increases on these fees are unacceptable. Tripling a military retirees' health care premium is unreasonable. The military is not a commercial business that can offload health care and benefits to increase its bottom line. There should not be a choice between bullets for the troops and benefits for former troops; We can afford both. Increasing these fees sends the wrong message to those in uniform, and will hurt retention. Our nation’s military retirees have given so much to this country. It is unreasonable to balance the defense budget on their backs. Military retirees and their families have already paid the premiums through their twenty plus years of service and sacrifice. DoD has plenty of room to find efficiencies in the delivery on military health care that would negate the necessity to raise TRICARE fees. ACTION NEEDED: Call, write, or fax your Congressmen urging them to oppose these fees and to support H.R. 4949, the “Military Retirees’ Health Care Protection Act.” This legislation would prevent these huge increases, and would give Congress alone the authority to authorize future premium increases. Take action today, and let Congress hear our voice!