Hundreds Protest Bush in Charlotte

Apparently, the free speech zone in Charlotte was close enough for protestors to be heard. They shouted, "Do your job," at the motorcade as it passed. There were 300-400 people in the middle of a work day standing on Elizabeth Avenue in front of the community college where Bush was to speak. "Worst President Ever," was shouted by many in the group. The Charlotte Observer has this story.

As a contrast, there were 1000 tickets available and organizers were calling local dignataries multiple times trying to give away the tickets.

For an even better First Amendment moment read this story in the Observer.


WUNC Totally Let Me Down Here; Thanks

I was listening to the State of Things report on the speech today hoping to hear something about the protest..... and nothing. Don't get me started about WUNC; I'll stick to saying that in this case I was simultaneously disappointed and not at all surprised.

No surprise.

I try to like WUNC, but in my heart I know they've sold out. They could be a really great station but consistently settle for mediocrity. Too bad, really.

This is all good stuff

I'm loving all this coverage. I just posted part of the AP article as a comment on my blog.

I'm so grateful for all those who organized and/or attended.

GREAT WORK, brave souls.

Do your job.

I love the protests, but I sure wish people would stop asking the asshole to do his job. If he had a sliver of competence that might be an acceptable idea, but I think we'd all be better off if W was locked up in a basement with a Playstation and a pacifier. The last thing I want is Dear Leader "on the job."

W ordered Libby

since no one else has posted it.

I don't have much to say. Like it's a big surprise or something? Well, I guess the shock is that it's not Cheney and that W would have the brains (or not be drinking long enough) to think of it.