Hows That Hope-y, Change-y Thing Working Out for You ?

I promised myself that I would stay away from the political fray for awhile. My unsuccessful primary run for the U.S. 3rd Congressional seat from NC in 2007 really took its toll on me and, to tell the truth, kind of hurt a little. It is never a good feeling to let anyone down and although I don’t think anyone would accuse me of letting them down, one cannot escape the feelings of personal responsibility when a plan, or a promise go afoul.

Anyway, while driving near Washington DC several days ago I heard part of the speech Sarah Palin made at the February 6th Tea Party Convention. When speaking about President Obama’s campaign words of hope and change, Sarah Palin said, “How’s that hope-y, change-y thing working out for you?”

My first reaction to that statement was detachment, because Sarah has become famous for untrue, or misleading statements, but later I thought about how so many cheered her use of those words and seemed to relish having a powerful national spokesman to proclaim that stopping President Barack Obama was more important than anything, even the alleviation of pain and suffering, or the inspiration borne from the strength that comes from hope and the change that so many times has come to many of us because we were able to keep a threadlike strand of hope.

In her speech, Sarah Palin seemed to be mocking all of those in America and the world who have little other than “hope for change” going for them today. Sarah Palin seemed to be saying, “Stop wasting your time” to those who would take a leap of faith and step into the unknown on a hope and a dream.

To the working poor and to those struggling in places like Appalachia and in America’s ghettos, Sarah Palin is seeming to say, “live with it, things aren’t getting better for you. The change you hope for is an illusion”.
To the millions of Americans without healthcare, or the prospect of getting healthcare, Sarah seemed to be saying “You would have health care if you deserved it, or earned it, so quit crying”.

To America at large, Sarah Palin was saying, “Whatever the cost to America, or to its citizens, Barack Obama must fail.

Many are calling for Sarah Palin to become President of the United States.
If you believe in the death of Hope and Change for yourself and your 300 million fellow Americans, I would encourage you to join those voices for Sarah.

By the way Sarah, how’s that $100,000.00 to speak at the tea party Convention doin’ for ya?

I am Marshall Adame and I will always support hope for every American because it is the power that has inspired us to the constant change that has made our country and her people great.


Times are changing, Marshall

First, it has been reported (not sure the validity of it, of course) that Palin is donating her take of that $100,000 to charity. Do you have any information about that not being true or being incorrect or being a ruse?

Second, even though I am a centrist/liberal democrat, I do not believe that we, as a country, can endure continuing having nearly 50% of our citizenery on public assistance and/or entitlements. We just cannot afford that.

No, I know that a great many of those folks cannot help their circumstances, but just so many can yet take advantage of the entitlement programs and take money from the middle class taxpayers that support them by being less than honest about their situation.

I would be very much in agreement in having far more people hired by the State and U.S. Govt. to go after those that are taking advantage of the entitlements that is costing taxpayers a HUGE amount of money. Time we take control of this. Time we actually require people to prove they qualify for entitlements taxpayers pay for rather than just taking their word for it.

No, I am not a "teapartier" or a "repug" or a "conserv". I am just someone that realizes we have to get back to enforcing policy and requirements and laws.

Time we realize much in government is wrong and much must be changed.

Foxy, The two big entitlements are Social Security and Medicare.

If you meet the age and/or eligibility criteria you "qualify" for both.

If the Gov't had put the SS contributions into a trust fund to support future recipients, as I believe they were supposed to do, funding would not now be an issue. Blame Congress...and not just the current one...for screwing all of us.

Medicare....well, I don't think patients abuse Medicare as much as providers do. BTW, except for crooks, I don't include physicians are abusing it, but rather being abused. Again, congress could fix this and they won't.

I'd be interested in knowing what policy and requirements you think are not being enforced.

Stan Bozarth

I anticipated that response

You are totally correct about what you are saying, of course.

I am speaking to such things as medicaid and such. I have personal knowledge of people that "play the game" with regard to those kinds of things. There are just so many cases of married couples that have two addresses and present themselves as "single" with kids that get wic and medicaid and there are a great many people that are not married that have kids where the male is supposedly absent (making the female eligible for "assistance" like medicaid and food stamps and such) when the male actually lives with the female and so forth.

I know you are not someone that does not realize that this goes on.

I won't argue with you on Social Security and Medicare, of course. That's a no brainer. There is more than that that is going on, Stan.

Yes, there's a lot going on...and I'm going to guess that fraud

like you mentioned above is small potatoes compared to "legitimate" outflow achieved by using loopholes in the law and doing some preplanning to take advantage of those loopholes.'s Congress. They don't do anything because someone is paying them not to. It's not the recipients...but those who profit off the recipients. Medicaid is administered by the States. You really need to understand the law to talk about these things reasonably. I'm not expert, but I'm real familiar.

Stan Bozarth

Ah, c'mon, Stan...You know I understand

Nice try, Stan. I do know the law when it comes to states, at least NC. The truth is, there is little-to-no follow-up or enforcement when it comes to the entitlements both when it comes to states (NC) and federal.

Being condescending is beneath you, my friend.

I didn't intend condescension. If you took it that way...

I didn't mean it that way. The law I'm talking about it what one has to do to qualify for Medicaid. Yes, I'm sure there is fraud. I think the legal loopholes account for way more $$. That's all.

Stan Bozarth

Okay, cool, Stan

In any case, there are taxpayer's dollars being sucked up by those that shouldn't be covered by many of our entitlements. That needs to be corrected. I think you and I can agree on this. And, I do not think it is an insignificant amount and it is going to get significantly worse if not corrected.

Sarah Palin's remarks speak for themselves.

I do not understand what you think I was referring to. All metrics for success, in whatever venture or pursuit begin with an idea. An idea has no substance in its own right, but, if rightly applied, can become unlimited substance. An idea is borne of hope and faith to one degree or another. Sarah Palin's remarks seemed to try and take way that hope and faith which have been the genesis of the many platos of greatness already achieved in America, by Americans, rich, poor, great and lowly. Your comment seems to suggest that all metrics you recognize are based in substance first.

Apparently your path of thinking is different than my own. I think therefore I understand why you misunderstood what I wrote.

I would also, based on the way you wrote, in the manner to justify a fundamentalist school of thought while maintaing the liberal badge, sort of speak, suggest that you are a very right leaning Democrat who may simply not understand why we liberals just don't get it.

Although blessed in my present state, I was reared on welfare and the generosity of strangers. You may have a fundamentally flawed view of the poor. If I am wrong, I apologize.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03


Do you speak like that normally? I mean, is that how you talk when you are conversing with someone face-to-face?

My goodness, man.

Look, I am just an ordinary, blue-collar kind of guy. Put that in layman's language, will you please?

Sorry I am just not intelligent enough to get all of what you have said here.


Money is Changing Foxtrot?

First, it has been reported (not sure the validity of it, of course) that Palin is donating her take of that $100,000 to charity. Do you have any information about that not being true or being incorrect or being a ruse?* Foxtrot

Uh! It' not Charity Dude! It's called the Sara PAC!
1. $2000 to the Rand Paul Senate Campaign last week, since then the Paul Campaign wishes that they had never taken it since Glenn Beck and Sara Palin attacked the anti-neo-con Candiate for Governor in Texas..
2. $4000 to Governor Rick Perry Texas Governor Campaign
3. A new Cadillic $ 60,000 to her Daughter for remaining loyal to the family values Palin money....

"And, Butler says, Bristol's been driving around in a $60,000 Cadillac Escalade that he believes Sarah Palin bought ... and he thinks Sarah is controlling Bristol and is behind the latest legal move."

Read more:

Thomas Paine once said " Beware of those that seek profit in Religion and Politics"

No doubt the Tea Baggers have never heard of that Quote

The endorsement of Rand Paul

The endorsement of Rand Paul was actually quite interesting. Since Palin is near enough universally despised by the Ron Pauler's it was pretty surprising she endorsed his son. I suppose the fact he is winning handsomely in the polls may lead her to be picking 'winners' to enhance her own reputation or as the more conspiratorial RP's think maybe she was hoping he would say 'no thanks' which would hurt him in his primary.

Either way it was kinda strange.

I hear that !

Thomas Paine once said " Beware of those that seek profit in Religion and Politics"

No doubt the Tea Baggers have never heard of that Quote

Hard to argue that!

hope, change and everything stays the same

I believe the liberal left's fascination with Palin comes from a lack of leadership from the Obama administration. One way to shut Palin up is for Obama to take charge and actually do something with the Democratic majority. Palin holds no office and cannot pass any legislation. What has she got to do with governing. Obama won the election. He no longer needs to play defense. It's time for the offense to take the field. Why not ignore Palin and get on with the job he currently holds, the Presidency of the United States. Obama needs to give the Democrats a record to run "on." People make fun of hope and change because nothing is changing. That is the reality of the situation.

You're kidding, right?

What has she got to do with governing.

She came a hair's-breadth away from being the President of the United States' emergency replacement, not to mention presiding over the Senate. Regardless of her current position (or lack of), she is on a short list of Republican candidates for the 2012 Presidential election. Sarah Palin is far from being a "has-been" politically.

Our fascination stems from her lack of understanding in matters dealing with the office she seeks, combined with the surprising and frightening amount of faith the Republican Party places in her to represent them. It has nothing to do with Obama, and everything to do with a yet-to-be-filmed Twilight Zone episode.

We are all missing Palin's true influence

There is no way the republican party is going to make the mistake of having Sarah Palin running for president in 2012. That is a dead loser for them.

But, having said that, she has an immense amount of influence on republican political thinking and direction in the upcoming months/years. If we do not take her influence seriously, we lose. She shows up for an event...ANY event, and there is Standing Room Only. She sways republican opinion and thought (as foolish and wrong as it may be) and we have to be cognizant of that fact. In addition, she has been a driving force in luring independants which we sorely need to maintain our control of government.

I am as guilty as the next person of making fun of Palin. But, I am not taking her influence lightly.


So great to see your name and words. I've missed you.

Sorry I didn't have a chance to join the discussion ... I've been out of town for a few days. Though I'm not sure I'd have much more to add. Listening to Sarah Palin is like eating an apple that's shiny on the outside, but filled with worms and rot on the inside. It's hard to be a blight on a profession as dirty as politics, but she is certainly that ... and worse. And there's nothing funny about her unless someone thinks gross ignorance and shallowness are amusing.


Can't say as I blame you for taking a break. Seeing how the machine is so stacked against fresh people. I lost a big chunk of faith in North Carolina, especially in the 3rd District. The reelection of Walter Jones, who has done so little nothing of note his entire career ... oy.

We need a change toward decency in this country. And a change toward people who choose policies with the public in mind, not because god is telling them what to do.

I like god as much as the next guy, but he does seem to indulge in a good amount of crazy.