Howard J. Hunter, NC House District 5

Democrat Howard J. Hunter has served 9 terms in the NC House. He is running against Republican Kyle Jones. Hunter serves Hertford, Bertie, Gates and Perquimans Counties. His district falls in NC Senate District 4 and the 1st Congressional District. Go here for a colorful map of the district as it relates to the rest of the state.

Hunter's tenure in the House has earned him some choice leadership assignments. He serves as the Chairman of the Appropriation Subcommittee on Natural and Economic Resources, Vice Chairman on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Capital and Vice Chairman on the actual Appropriations committee. He sits on several other commitees. You will find the complete listing here.

During his years serving in the House, Hunter has introduced legislation to regulate hog farming. Hog farming is a huge industry in this district and has long had ties to legislators like Lauch Faircloth, John Nichols and Leo Daughtry - all owners of hog farms. These Republicans worked to protect the industry from regulation along with Democrats also friendly to the industry. The negative environmental impact of the waste from these farms went unchecked for many years. A study by the University of Michigan in the mid 1990s mentions Hunter's work to regulate hog farms.

This district is rich in history and family farms. Cotton and tobacco have traditionally been favorite cash crops with more vegetables and melons taking the place of tobacco as demand for it has lessened. Hog farming is also heavily represented in this district.

Some of North Carolina's earliest towns sprung up in this area near the waterways that facilitated trade with other countries. Many of the families living in this area are descendents of early settlers and slaves.

Thank you to 1976 for pointing out I had Hunter running against the wrong Republican. It has been changed.



I want to personally thank you for all you're doing to highlight and profile leading North Carolina legislators. Being so Triangle-centric, I lose sight of what much of the state looks like ... and this really helps pull things together! Thanks so much.

A're welcome!

I'm enjoying it. I think much of this will simply turn out to be sort of like our wiki page for this person. That works for me. I'm looking forward to a few interviews coming up.

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SD, Great Post

Looks like he didn't do an interview. Will it be coming later? I'd like to know how he feels about off-shore drilling.


I doubt very seriously he will do an interview. I've still got several emails out to others and a couple of phone calls. I think the challengers will be more inclined than the entrenced incumbents....can you blame them?

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You,ve got Ken Chandler

You,ve got Ken Chandler running against Holloman and Hunter.

I had both sheets out...was

I probably just looked at the wrong sheet when writing this up. I'll get it straightened out. Thanks for letting me know. That would be something though...running in both campaigns.

Edit...Actually, nope. I wrote the same name down on both research sheets. Thanks, again.

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