How to Turn a Republican

This started off as a comment.

When I argue politics with my Republican Dad, I focus on a position that he feels strongly about, which is Veterans care. He is a Vietnam vet and so I bash him over the head every time we talk about how Bush is slashing Veteran's benefits, refusing to give armor, paying mercs 100K to drive trucks full of "sailboat fuel", and anything else I can remember.

I never let him get the last word on these topics, I always leave him with a clear-cut image that Bush is against Veterans.

Then, I also tell him the latest Republican hypocrisy every time we meet. However, I think the thing that finally sunk the ship was this. He always says that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans, just as dirty, just as unethical, just as self-serving. I was in the car with him and we had the following conversation:

"Look, you think all politicians are crooked, right?"

"Don't think, know."

"Okay, and why, because it is on the news every night how somebody in D.C. is doing something crooked, right?"

"Every night."

"I agree, but here's my point. For the last 6 years Republicans have been in control of every branch of government and EVERY SINGLE case of corruption and immorality has been on their side. Before that the Democrats were in power for 8 years and all you heard about was Democratic corruption and immorality, right?"


"Here's the difference. Take this CIA undercover spy that was outed - Valerie Plame. She worked on weapons of mass destruction, she had contacts throughout the Middle East, she worked for a company - ALL OF WHOSE (who's?) EMPLOYEES WERE UNDERCOVER SPIES. She got outed and every spy working for that company and every contact they had checking out WMDs was gone, poof.

Don't you think that deserved to be investigated? Even if it was innocent, don't you think we should look into it?"

"They did."

"Sure, they had 5 hours of hearings. Five hours. They've had 12 hours on the Abu Ghraib scandal. You want some perspective? The Clinton's had their Christmas Card list examined through 140 HOURS OF CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS.

GIVE UP A U.S. TOP SECRET SPY, 5 HOURS! CHRISTMAS CARD LIST SNAFU, 140 HOURS! The difference is that Republicans don't examine their own mistakes, but moreover, the only reason they went after the Clinton's was so it would be in the news and it would make them look dirty....

AND YOU BOUGHT IT!!! What it comes down to is this, for the last six years it has been the Republicans fault that government is corrupt and for the eight years before that...IT...WAS...THE...REPUBLICANS...

After that tirade there was a lot of silence because my Dad can never admit to being wrong - but not long after that he started bad-mouthing Republicans. He swore that he voted against Bush and I'm hoping to keep the streak going this November.


Great story

I'm too much of a coward to try and convert John or my baby brother David.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.