How Thom Tillis Defeated One of the Best Campaigns of 2014 (Roll Call)

How Thom Tillis Defeated One of the Best Campaigns of 2014

Sort of a simple minded review of the Tillis-Hagan election. The Hagan folks do not do well to insist they would change nothing - like running actively from Obama.

One more time, Democrats and some Republicans fail to realize that the campaign was always and forever about Obama, Obama, Obama..... Some 2-4 billion dollars were pumped into the media and the Republican echo chamber from 2009 forward, burying people in massive amounts of anti-Obama propaganda. So it does no good to ignore the fact that the left was killed by the right wing media, repeatedly and Obama was made the target in the 2014 election as he was in 2010. It is as if the Hagan people did not realize that. Many local Democrats were not as enthused about the Hagan campaign as this article tells, and there was never a reason for her to rip the Coordinated Campaign out of NCDP and place it with Wake County, save a false and spurious allegation by Beth Woods against Voller.

One should consider all the ongoing analyses of what happened, but should NOT forget the massive and decisive impact of making Obama the sole issue in the campaign. Of course Hagan, as co chair of the Third Way certainly did not want to be contaminated by any of them "libruls and progressives".