How to stay involved after the election

"Are you suffering from rested feet, restless dial finger syndrome, or general lack of wonkitis? You may be suffering from post-election blues. Yes, after an election where you have spent every waking moment on a campaign, there can be side effects that occur after the election. Well, finally there is some relief for post-election blues, and it is also a great way to stay involved."

(read instructions below carefully, and if symptoms persist, ask your Doctor about Universal Healthcare)

If you are bored with the everyday after the campaign, don't despair, there are still ways to get active and/or hang out with politicos and talk.

Check out Aaron Silverstein of Democrats Work and John Erhardt from Drinking/ Living Liberally.

Yes there are many ways you can stay involved. Participate in your community, start working on 2010 - it is never to early to get a progressive elected. Or, try starting your own thing - like I did with
Sporting Liberally.

This Sporting Liberally, features an interview with Congresswoman Elect, Betsy Markey (CO-4) who has a very good point about the role of government in sports.

Thanks to Jack Martinez,the inventor of the "Obamarita" margarita, from Jack N Grill,the home of Denver Sporting Liberally.

Interested in starting a Sporting Liberally?


i should mention

that even though this is about Democrats Work of Colorado, North Carolina's own David Price had much to do with the start of this progressive group.

wade norris

"What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"

Henry David Thoreau

One area that needs more involvement

is on the lgbt front. Despite all the gains we made on election night, this was an area we didn't do so hot in.

The recent protest movement made our voices heard in the streets, but to successful we also have to be heard in the halls of government. It takes a twofold approach.

I encourage anyone reading this to join their facebook group, to sign up for their listserv, or both. They can send you messages about events, about postcard campaigns, about when & how to mail, e-mail, or call your representatives, when to sign a real or online petition, and that sort of thing that is necessary to change the law. In the streets, with subsequent media coverage, and in starting conversations we can change minds, but we must also change laws and the best way to take a step in that direction is to click on these links: