How I Wish Brad Miller Were My Congressman

Yesterday, I got home from a 5 day trip to Wisconsin, the home state of Frank Lloyd Wright and Senator Russ Feingold, the only senator who seems to want censure of King George and Prince Grumpy. Wisconsin is full of hills, trees, lakes, golf courses, etc, just like the state of North Carolina. But Wisconsin doesn’t have Brad Miller, and as a resident of Ilinois, I have a do-nuthin’ congressman who happens to be a Republican. I wish Brad Miller was my congressman. I’ll tell you why.

As I mentioned, I had just returned home and was looking at the mail, and noticed I got a letter from Brad Miller’s office. I thought, jeez, what a pleasant surprise. I had sent him only a little something when I heard there was Draft Brad Miller for Senate movement going. As we all know, Miller decided not to take on Liddy Dole, but he would run for Congress again. And as far as I’m concerned, what little I had to donate was worth it because of the letter I received from his Raleigh office. It read:

Dear Benny:

Thank you for your recent contribution to my campaign for Congress next year.

We spent every cent we raised last year and now we have to climb out of a hole. I appreciate your giving us a hand up.

A lot of folks all over the country thought the campaign last year was entertaining but it was not that much fun from where I sat. A strong early showing may help us avoid another campaign like that one.


Brad Miller

What endeared me, besides that he is very funny when he blogs on the Daily Kos, is the signature looked like it could have been his because it was signed “Brad”. I’m thinking to myself, my Congressman, Tim Johnson (IL-15), wouldn’t have sent me a signed letter to thank me. Probably, I’d get a stamped signature at best on letterhead or on a postcard. Miller knows I cannot even vote for him, but he still took the time to write anyway. A good politician knows to stay close to the people, just as the presidential candidate both he and I support, John Edwards, does, through conference calls to OneCorps and tonight, Edwards will have a live webcast after the debate to answer more questions.

Well, Representative Miller, while I wish you would run for Senate in 2008, your work as a congressman will still be invaluable, especially in the area of science, in which we need more innovation in the life and physical sciences, and we will need you to work towards universal health care (not just insurance) as part of our new investments for our citizens. If you were going to Yearly Kos, I would try to shake your hand and say good luck, but instead, I’m doing it here.

Good luck!


Thank You, Benny

A lot of us wish Brad Miller were our Congressman.

But he will do good work wherever he is - you can count on that.


There are lots of Brad Miller fans in NC, too. In fact, some of us consider him our de facto congressman. :)

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If you like Brad Miller....

This just came into my email.

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Rep. Brad Miller (NC-13) will participate in The Center for U.S. Global Engagement’s series of high-level roundtable panels on July 24th as part of a day-long conference entitled Building a Better, Safer World. The Congressman will act as a surrogate representative for presidential candidate John Edwards. The conference takes place on the eve of the kick-off of Impact ’08, the Center’s new national campaign focused on inspiring presidential candidates to support greater investments in development and diplomacy as integral to America’s national security and engagement with the world.

Updated 2:00 P.M. – 3:15 “Presidential Campaign ’08 Democratic Foreign Policy Roundtable”

Foreign policy surrogates - Clinton campaign-Rep James McGovern (D-MA)

Edwards campaign- Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC)

Obama campaign - Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA)

Richardson campaign – Rep. Tom Udall (D-NM)

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Brad Miller

is one of the Congressmen from my hometown of Greensboro.

Brad is so progressive that it is amazing how well he is able to fit in here. Then again, it is amazing that other progressive people don't fit in as well as they should with conservative leaning people.

Brad Miller is able to put people at ease with his actions, and is able to get them to listen to his message with his no-messing-around discussion of politics with his constituants.

We all wish we had more Brad Millers in the service of our country. Believe me on this one.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Benny, thanks

we all really appreciate Brad Miller. I am so proud he represents North Carolina. What an asset.

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