This is How Freedom of Religion Dies, HB 965

When I was first taught the concept of Freedom of Religion I was told that in America, we could each belong to any faith we wanted as long as we respected the rights of others to make different choices. That meant we did not force our religious beliefs upon others and expected they would do the same in return. Mutual respect. It meant that our government did not engage is supporting a particular religious belief, through word or deed

Our founding fathers were not that far removed from the religious wars of Europe. My father's ancestors were French Huguenots who came to this country in the late 1600's to escape persecution from the state-endorsed Catholic faith. Persecution that often took the form of death. Many Europeans immigrated to this continent seeking to pray in their own manner, not as dictated by their government.

And now, not quite 48 hours into the legislative session, and we already have HB 965, a bill that would REQUIRE schools to post signs reading, "In God We Trust." Not just put it up somewhere around the school, but in a prominent location, to be seen by all. Ironic-- no money available for textbooks, copy paper, and school supplies, but we can find the wherewithall to fund putting this motto on the walls of every school. $100,000 would buy a lot of school supplies.

Putting the word God on the wall creates a shadow that falls on every child in the room, Evangelical or not, Protestant or not, Catholic or not. Make no mistake, any child can pray, in their own faith, while at school. But those being raised in other religious traditions should not be subjected to this by their government.

No. Just no.
When did we lose the understanding that God has different interpretations even amongst Protestant sects?
Do you really want someone else's views on religion taught to your child?
No. You want to teach your own religious beliefs to your child.

NCAGA GOP has already forced us to send tax dollars dedicated for education to church-run private schools. We now have NC citizens, effectively, giving financial support to private schools so they can run a Sunday School program for someone else's church, someone else's faith. This is wrong.

HB 965 is totally inappropriate and needs to be withdrawn.

You cannot have freedom of religion when government allows one group to force their views on religion down the throats of everyone around them. Various groups have been working to put In God We Trust on the walls of courthouses and in places where local governments hold meetings. If we allow this to happen in all our schools as well, we will find ourselves living with governemnt sponsored, government supported religion. And those who don't share some particular system of belief will be marginalized, while watching their taxes support another religion's teachings.

No. Just say No to these Reps who sponsored this bill, who want to force their religious beliefs down your child's throat:
Bert Jones of Rockingham County
Linda Johnson of Cabarrus County
Dean Arp of Union County
Phil Shepherd of Onslow County

Here's your bill: