How the Conservatives Feel About Virginia Foxx

I know that people around here do not particularly like Virginia Foxx, but now it looks like the conservatives are turning on the Republican Congresswoman from NC-5 also. The ultra-conservative Conservative Voice had this to say:

Representative Virginia Fox (R-NC) received bad marks on her performance by Congress.Org, a congressional watchdog group.

Out of 232 Republicans sitting in the House of Representatives, Rep. Foxx received a ranking of only 217 in their Power Ranking.

And is itself is a conservative hangout. So who is satisfied with Mrs. Foxx?


Let's go get her.

I can see the parody website now: Foxx in The ChickenHawk House!

Do we have anyone from her district engaged here? Or does anyone know anyone who could be invited to the party?

I don't know anyone

There was someone commenting who knows Sharpe, her opponent, at DKos yesterday. Perhaps we could visit that thread and contact this person and invite him or her here.

I'm working on alittle something for the old bat, but running low on time to get anything accomplished.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That's her competitition talking

Well, I live in Winston, but not in Foxx's district and I don't think there really is anyone truly thrilled with her. She's not all that thrilling. But probably one reason why The Conservative Voice is bagging on her is that its editor is Patrick McHenry/Vernon Robinson wannabe, Nathan Tabor, who happens to have run against Foxx in the 2004 GOP Theoprimary. Tabor's pretty much got an ax to grind here.

As for Sharpe, I've been busy with other things and focused on other races, but there's not a lot of buzz here, though it's early. Watt's district saps a lot of the juice out of progressive politics in the 5th district.