House Success: D's in all 13 districts

North Carolina Democrats have stepped up to the plate in our house races. All of the Republicans are going to have to stand by their records. I was going to make a chart of my own, but Swing State Project already had one with the presidential vote in the district on the side:

NC-01 (57/43 Kerry): Butterfield (D) unopposed
NC-02 (54/46 Bush): Etheridge (D) v. Dan Mansell (R)
NC-03 (68/32 Bush): Jones (R) v. Craig Weber (D)
NC-04 (56/44 Kerry): Price (D), Kent Kanoy (D), or Oscar Lewis (D) v. Steve Acuff (R)
NC-05 (67/33 Bush): Foxx (R) v. Mark Glen (D), Syndi Holmes (D), Roger Kirkman (D), or Roger Sharpe (D)
NC-06 (70/30 Bush): Coble (R) v. Rory Blake (D)
NC-07 (56/44 Bush): McIntyre (D) v. Shirley Davis (R)
NC-08 (54/46 Bush): Hayes (R) v. John Autry (D), Tim Dunn (D), Larry Kissell (D), or Mark Ortiz (D)
NC-09 (64/36 Bush): Myrick (R) v. Bill Glass (D)
NC-10 (67/33 Bush): McHenry (R) v. Richard Carsner (D)
NC-11 (57/43 Bush): Taylor (R) or John Armor (R) v. Michael Morgan (D) or Heath Shuler (D)
NC-12 (63/37 Kerry): Watt (D) v. Ada Fisher (R)
NC-13 (53/47 Kerry): Miller (D) v. John Hendrix (R), Vernon Robinson (R), or Charlie Sutherland (R)

Now the hunting really begins.


All right

Good for us. I was concerned for a bit we'd leave a seat or two unchallenged. Its good to see Vernon Robinson sticking around -- I wonder which district he'll run in next?

And it still frustrates me just looking at Michael Morgan's name on that list... Although I know primaries can bring some beneifts to campaigns, I feel like a lot of these benefits are lost when they are token, perenial, and kind of embarassing candidates...

I guess I'm just eager to see the real race against Taylor get going again -- its going to be an exciting year.

Vern strikes

But Robinson went on the attack Tuesday against Miller, arguing that his "ultra-liberal voting record makes him ripe for defeat this November."
"My candidacy offers the voters a mainstream alternative to a radical with too many kooky and extreme positions on the issues," Robinson said.

Yes, he really said that

Feel the mainstream aura of "The Black Jesse Helms"!