House Republican Delegation Proves Loyalty to Oil Companies This Past Week

The listing of important votes in the House of Representatives by the Winston-Salem Journal says it all. The two major votes in the House this past week:
1) A vote to remove an amendment earmarking a $50 million subsidy to the oil industry; and
2) A vote on whether to allow oil drilling in the Artic National Refuge.

Predictably, all Republican representatives voted to allow the subsidy and the drilling (the subsidy lost and the drilling won). However, all of the Democratic representatives voted against the subsidy and drilling.

These are two of the votes that show the character of our representatives. With mounting evidence of global warming and record oil company profits, our Republicans are giving them handouts--even when their party's controlled House did not approve it. Meanwhile, our Democrats are united behind reason and rationality.


A couple of more nails in the coffins

for Taylor and Hayes.

Let's go after Foxx, too. She's one of the biggest Bushbots of them all, on top of being slow as a stump.